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The story of Nautilus City


I have a related category on the inactive Baker Blinker Blog — best read from back to front, per usual.


My posts are essentially divided into land exploration of the new island in 2008 (first half posts) and then sea exploration around the island just afterwards (second half of posts). And that’s about it, except for one brief, former stay on the island described in another post, and a couple of revisits.

Now I’m back. Is this my new home? Or is it just a vacation of sorts? Will I finally give up Collagesity next to the Rubi Forest? I’ve been there going on 1 year almost. Why should I keep it? Will I be happy just existing in Nautilus City?

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Rediscovery>Wealthy Mountain

Yesterday, tried to reach Bigfeet Swamp for more hiking fun and toy happening scans but was blocked by the high water of Leola Creek. I could try wading, but that’s risky if you can’t really see the bottom well because of the slippery rocks involved.


So I instead walked just uphill to Rediscovery (parking my car at the town mall once more). This is Leola Creek again, just below the Hand Lake dam.



The dam. Water is still pouring out of the mountains, despite the rain having stopped several days back. But man did it come down in the 2 weeks before that.


I was pleased to find the The Finger of Hand Lake still intact, if a bit shrunk and soggy looking. Compare with here from about 2 weeks ago.


Yesterday I also decided to head over to Wealthy Mountain in Herman Park for what turned out to be a considerably more extensive hike, where I visited both Lion’s Roar and Tinsity/Green Oz Creek in the same sweep. Here’s a nice little falls about halfway up the side of Wealthy Mtn. on a fork of Byng Creek that I don’t think I’ve taken a picture of for this blog yet. About a 30 footer, I would reckon, a gently cascading affair. Considerably more dramatic in person that it appears in the below photo.


Near the top o’ Wealthy Mountain looking out toward lower land to the south.


A more prominent rock of Wealthy Mountain on a branch of Green Oz Creek.


A shot from the Wallace/Tinsity area already covered in some detail in the related blog category.


Colorful Tinsity fern. The leaves appear almost a bit past their peak here, but perhaps all the rain has dampened the fall colors, as it were. The actual peak for the Blue Mountain region traditionally comes in about a week’s time from now.


I plan to take 1 or 2 more days off next week for hiking possibilities. A fun time of the year!

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