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Bigfoot Happening Conclusion 05

It was soon decided. Taum Sauk *loved* the second, higher cave, and named it the Unholey Cave since it was closed up at the other end, unlike the first. Never mind that it, of course, had to have *one* hole in it to make it an enterable cave in the first place. The lower and larger cave with its two holes instead of one hole naturally became Holey Cave. Unlike in church, unholey is better than holey here.

While Taum Sauk was busy on his exploring trip, I dismantled the marble race track and also packed away all the Bigfoot toy avatars into my satchel, leaving only Taum’s friend Empty Promises behind. He plans to live in the center of the Spool Table, a winter caretaker for Bigfoot as it were. And I’m sure Taum will be by to visit on occasion when he can burrow out of the snow and make a return trip to the now abandoned town.


I pour a celebratory 1/2 beer remaining from the day before and sit in my chair, staring at the surroundings for quite a while.


In my mind’s eye, I conjure up an image of Taum Sauk being joined by his wife Mina in his new home.


They test out the dirt in the back room…


… soon joined by Taum’s beloved chair and atv.



My 1/2 beer finished, I then get up from my own chair and take some final shots.





I seal up the top of the Spool Table with metal caps so that Empty Promises can stay dry. I hear his small voice thanking me as I place the final cap over the second hole, making this place unholey as well.


And that’s the end of the October 2015 Bigfoot Happening! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and stories.

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Bigfoot Happening Conclusion 04

It was logical he head toward Mina Pool first, named after his deceased wife Mina Sauk. Or so he thought she was dead. He’d soon find out otherwise. Joy and happiness continues in Bigfoot!


He nears the stream flowing from the pool into the swamp…


… but it turns out to not be much of a deterrent, with only a bit of wet foot resulting in the crossing which quickly dries.


Taum Sauk is now past the pool and heading straight for the In-the-way Fern, which, true to its name, is directly in the middle of his path. But he’s able to skirt around it with only a ferny head brush as a bother.


He then motors past the Caves of Brush, as he snappily names them. He’ll soon be back.


He reaches the outlying area of the Bigfoot happening, and wonders if this is another iron smelting plant, perhaps owned by a fierce rival he has yet to face. In truth, it is the remains of the Middle Game High School Old Johnson Estate.

I think.


The nearby crevasse filled with numerous white rocks confounds Taum Sauk. “What devilish spectacle of nature are we dealing with here?” he asks himself. Seeing the path ahead become more faint he chooses to turn around at this point. To my admitted disappointment he’s decided he’s already seen enough of the swamp, and is ready to find a place to bed down for the coming winter months.


With this in mind, he returns to those caves.


Turns out the lower and larger cave has a hole on either side. That won’t do, he thinks.


But then he finds a nice new spot to sit and contemplate above it. *That’s* encouraging to him.


And then there’s the other, higher cave to still peek into…


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Bigfoot Happening Conclusion 03

I’ve circled back to Bigfoot on the Swamp (aka Red) Road.


Looking up: lattice of limbs, filled with chirping birds at this time.


Looking down: Spool Table, which I might rename Brian Head after the recently killed Barbie head, the sole casualty of the toy/junk happening that I know of. Because that’s her (his?) quizzical name as I’ve indicated before: Brian Head. Not coincidentally, there’s a place of that name in Iron County, Utah. I knew a man who owned a cabin there once, way up on the side of a mountain. Perhaps he still does. He claimed he wanted to write a blockbuster film script for Kirk Douglas, who has so far lived to a ripe old age of 98. But clearly my old Brian Head friend is running out of Father Time on his mission.


But what of the blue mushroom and matching blue plastic ring at the center of the table? The answer to that particular question and many others weren’t to be found this day. Bigfoot largely remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma seasoned with puzzle pieces.


The 3 bricks topped with metal caps in the happening, each one holding up a specific curve of the marble track. They are, in descending track order…





And #3 (left, background):

And there’s a fourth cap in Bigfoot as well, with similar look and function but without an accompanying brick. You can see it in the foreground of the below photo, perched on the edge of the spool table. It’s sometimes called Walking Cap or Walking Ball to differentiate it from the other 3 of its ilk.



The day before, I brought in a number of other marbles to test on the track mainly. 2 others made it down without stopping or flying off, just like Greenilocks the day before that. 2 more brides were also brought in for the new winners. But, in my ear now, I’ve been corrected by Hucka D, who states there was only one wedding during the happening. The rest of what he’s telling me about mismatched bridesmaids and groomsmen isn’t making much sense, so I’ll leave it out of the blog for now.


Moving to the left side of the table we have dead Brian Head and matching Starbucks’ female head logo on the 4 shot latte I brought to the camp this day. Story behind the image here; I’ve never really thought about it until now! *


More details concerning the track before its subsequent dismantlement…





Taum Sauk is now out of his chair and sitting on the atv, clearly itching to start his exploring trip. Let’s see where he goes!



* Quotes like this from the official Starbucks article about the image makes her sound queerly Hucka D.-like:

She means something different to every one who sees her, who knows her. For me she’s kind of the final say on the spirit of everything I write and everything we do. Even as I’m writing this, I wonder what she thinks. (She likes it, by the way.)

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Bigfoot Happening Conclusion 02

I left 1/2 of a New Belgian 1556 beer from the day before chill’n in this pool for the celebration. Almost time to repop the cork!


Mina Pool probably holds more mysteries that you would expect in its deceptively shallow, golden waters.


The pipe perhaps knows more than it’s letting on. Does the pipe have a mouth? Is the water that spills forth into the pool and inclusive Bigfeet Swamp somehow sentient?


In taking a closer look at the falls, I spot a small salamander sunning on the rock just below. In a knowing way, I could add.



The dying back of the weeds and cattails has revealed the swamp’s outtake culvert. I was somewhat disappointed that Taum Sauk didn’t quite reach this destination in his subsequent explorations.


Bigfoot Swamp looking south to north across its approximately 100 foot expanse. We’re on the opposite side from Bigfoot now.


Leola Creek looking down from the swamp road to the east. It’s about a 50 foot descent from the swamp to the creek.


Then just turning around from the same basic position: Bigfeet Swamp from the west. I’m continuing to walking counterclockwise around the swamp on the encircling road and taking pictures before returning to Bigfoot proper.



Almost back to Bigfoot now…


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Bigfoot Happening Conclusion 01

So here we are: the final day of the Bigfoot art happening. I took the whole day off to enjoy the event. More perfect weather in Blue Mountain, with nary a cloud in the blue, blue sky.

We start with a photo from the upper road of Bigfoot, or what I’ve been calling the Blue Road at times. A poor little Monarch butterfly has given up his or her life in the Fall crispness.


There’s some unused junk on just beside the Blue Road, including the remnants of old chain link fences.


Speaking of which, it seems someone, probably skateboarders, had removed some fencing on the Bigfoot end of the stadium sometime in the last several days. Must be careful to cover my tracks into Bigfoot from the stadium! But I suppose on the last day of the happening, it doesn’t matter that much. Still I’d like to hide the existence of the strangely placed swamp as much as possible. My *personal* swamp I wish it to be! Something that has been dislodged from time and space itself.



Back to the Blue Road: part of the leftover junk I gathered from the plateau that didn’t make it into the happening at the swamp. And there’s some more of the same on the Green Road just below. Future possibilities…


But it’s Bigfoot proper that must be our focus for today. Toy avatars gather for one of the final group shots. Say cheese!





Mina Sauk is still at her pool, where the plastic see-through boat has refused to float even with her not inside. Sunken loot?


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Bigfoot Happening 10/22/15

This particular beautiful sunny day I took the afternoon off for more Bigfoot fun and adventure. I rediscovered a route to the lovely Leola Creek cliffs that I had original found about 2 months prior


… through this fallen tree “bridge” over the creek. Fantastic! Now I perhaps have a way into Bigfoot from the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape again during wetter weather, providing that the tree trunk itself is not too slippery to cross. I’ll still have to be careful. We’ll see how it pans out (perhaps today!).


The bridge is higher on the Blue Mountain side. Another thing to consider is that it’s not in plain sight to others, and is in about as remote a spot on the creek as you can get near Bigfoot. So people are still not likely to see me crossing the creek. Very important thing to consider — seems set up, if you will, for me using it to that purpose. But… we’ll just see.


An orange seep oozes from the side of the Plateau of Raw Art and into Leola Creek. Makes me wonder if the plateau was once the site of a landfill of some kind (see: leachate).


Path from Bigfoot that eventually takes one to the bridge. Just around the corner you’ll have to cross that ooze pictured above to reach it.


And also on this day, I created perhaps a final piece of “finished” art for the Bigfoot happening from the raw stuff of the plateau above it. This came in the form of the white rocks in dilapidated bags that I had found there only the day before. LINK. But unlike what I said in that former post, there were actually 4 old bags of rocks. It was a tough tote down the steep hill, but I made it. I dumped all the rocks in a crevasse next to Vincente, the outpost area of the Bigfoot happening. A bit later, Taum Sauk would turn around at this spot in his exploring route, deciding that he’d seen enough of the swamp and was ready to settle in for the winter months. We’ll get to his story in the next set of posts.


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