Bigfoot Happening Conclusion 04

It was logical he head toward Mina Pool first, named after his deceased wife Mina Sauk. Or so he thought she was dead. He’d soon find out otherwise. Joy and happiness continues in Bigfoot!


He nears the stream flowing from the pool into the swamp…


… but it turns out to not be much of a deterrent, with only a bit of wet foot resulting in the crossing which quickly dries.


Taum Sauk is now past the pool and heading straight for the In-the-way Fern, which, true to its name, is directly in the middle of his path. But he’s able to skirt around it with only a ferny head brush as a bother.


He then motors past the Caves of Brush, as he snappily names them. He’ll soon be back.


He reaches the outlying area of the Bigfoot happening, and wonders if this is another iron smelting plant, perhaps owned by a fierce rival he has yet to face. In truth, it is the remains of the Middle Game High School Old Johnson Estate.

I think.


The nearby crevasse filled with numerous white rocks confounds Taum Sauk. “What devilish spectacle of nature are we dealing with here?” he asks himself. Seeing the path ahead become more faint he chooses to turn around at this point. To my admitted disappointment he’s decided he’s already seen enough of the swamp, and is ready to find a place to bed down for the coming winter months.


With this in mind, he returns to those caves.


Turns out the lower and larger cave has a hole on either side. That won’t do, he thinks.


But then he finds a nice new spot to sit and contemplate above it. *That’s* encouraging to him.


And then there’s the other, higher cave to still peek into…


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