Bigfoot Happening 10/22/15

This particular beautiful sunny day I took the afternoon off for more Bigfoot fun and adventure. I rediscovered a route to the lovely Leola Creek cliffs that I had original found about 2 months prior


… through this fallen tree “bridge” over the creek. Fantastic! Now I perhaps have a way into Bigfoot from the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape again during wetter weather, providing that the tree trunk itself is not too slippery to cross. I’ll still have to be careful. We’ll see how it pans out (perhaps today!).


The bridge is higher on the Blue Mountain side. Another thing to consider is that it’s not in plain sight to others, and is in about as remote a spot on the creek as you can get near Bigfoot. So people are still not likely to see me crossing the creek. Very important thing to consider — seems set up, if you will, for me using it to that purpose. But… we’ll just see.


An orange seep oozes from the side of the Plateau of Raw Art and into Leola Creek. Makes me wonder if the plateau was once the site of a landfill of some kind (see: leachate).


Path from Bigfoot that eventually takes one to the bridge. Just around the corner you’ll have to cross that ooze pictured above to reach it.


And also on this day, I created perhaps a final piece of “finished” art for the Bigfoot happening from the raw stuff of the plateau above it. This came in the form of the white rocks in dilapidated bags that I had found there only the day before. LINK. But unlike what I said in that former post, there were actually 4 old bags of rocks. It was a tough tote down the steep hill, but I made it. I dumped all the rocks in a crevasse next to Vincente, the outpost area of the Bigfoot happening. A bit later, Taum Sauk would turn around at this spot in his exploring route, deciding that he’d seen enough of the swamp and was ready to settle in for the winter months. We’ll get to his story in the next set of posts.


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