Sunklands 2021-2022 Winter



1. SANSARA (BAY CITY, aka John Fitzgerald Kennedy City):

Axis-Windmill (at Falmouth Hotel in midst of city w/…)
Alysha Raspberry
dragon porter
Dr. Brown (also at Falmouth, w…)
Elisa (red dress)
Dr. Brown’s wife (surprise! (trapped!))


Baker Bloch
Hucka Doobie
Sid/Angus Nuttin (implied)
Martha (wife — implied as well, the 2 conjoined on Heart Line in novel 13)

3. JEOGEOT (NEUSTADT or Annaberg (NEWT SIM primarily)):

Duncan Avocado
White as Heaven (man now — white as mill the windmill makes)
Old White Lady (ma!)
Red (doppleganger of my nephew-in-law who is on my bad side; OWL wants me to make amends!)
Pietmond Boy (w…)
Norris (from Paper-Soap, gypsies not hippies)
Sam Drunker (lectures boys about the town and killing zombies– farmer-lawyer)
Raspberry Girl (may be same as Annaball or bell; later confesses “I da ho.”)
prejudice white women onlookers (don’t like Duncan and Raspberry dancing together)
Blue-Yellow (sunrise/sunset gazer)
Helmet Newton (mentioned; same as…?)
Heidi/Biker Chick/Chuck Cheese (talking to…)
Axis-Windmill (… who then plays role of pianist Franz Wagner; Raspberry Girl is dancer)
Chef-inspector Petty (after the above 2)
Officers Iffy and Belinda (w/ Petty)
Marilyn (Bell’s bartender; seems to be the same as similarly blonde Lichen in diff shape)
on picture at Bell’s bar: Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey, Jimmy Dean, Elvis
Tank Ferguson (new role as policeman of town, son of…)
Bazooka Ferguson (w/spiked helmet in picture at station)
Virus (German shepherd dog at station; sometimes called Spikey (COVID19 virus is “spikey” too)
Dimmy Gene (Marilyn’s new bo, but still dating…)
Wanda (formerly Michelle Roundup (as Tank was Bill Mustardgas)… Tank wins her back through pink)
prejudice white women gossipers (maybe same as onlookers?)
Norris (in display with miniature train and track)


Duncan Avocado
SID (symbol on train)
White as Heaven (owner of Scratchy land nearest Bellisseria)
Aunt Clare (mentioned — hasn’t shown up yet as of post 0214)

4. MAEBALEIA (Golden Cy (flashback)):

The Mann
Jimmy Dean (he checks lips for color; no pink; dir cont. of 0017 in novel 15)
also seen in same group of b&w portraits: Marilyn, Elvis, Humphrey

4. MAEBALEIA (Balwin):

Alysha Raspberry (this =s central core of Castle Dairocha & changes its “l” to “i”)


Lichen Roosevelt (also known as Marilyn… singer tending Enigma bar)
Axis-Windmill (still not known as Brend)
Fern Stalin (meets A-W at Lichen’s bar)
Joey Avatar (Venusian; wrestles…)
Eugenia O’Neill (… at same bar; *looses* (but gets a grasshopper, extra mint, out of it))
Joey Two or Joey Too (kangaroo in spa w/ 1st Joey)
Sally Newgent (playing Yoka Ona in that commercial)
Axis-Windmill as John Lemon in same
Alysha Raspberry (in red/blue bar w/ Brend, both red and blue variety)
Hidi (evolves from Alysha)
White Mage (evolves from r and b Brend) reach CRISP SEA
Sally Newgent (w/ blue hair, talks to A-W; turns into…)
Alysha red hair witch
Ditzy and Zizzy (red and blue beach girls attending “Umbrella Camp” on sea)
Blue Panther (Paul’s relative?)
Sozzy Bozo (mask over eyes; can’t see surfing blue panther)

Misty (Treelor; at “Black Lake” w/…)
Septimius (Tropp)
Greg Ogden (cameo from 00270416)
Gregg Oden (implied, haha — monster of Black Lake)
Wheeler (taking the plunge off the Sanja bridge)
Herbert Gold (still married to…)
April Mae Flowers
Fern Stalin (runs into their house on edge of Crisp Sea w/ Lichen/Marilyn)

5. NAUTILUS/LOWER AUSTRA (Airton Hill/Collagesity/Squared Root Cy):

Brend (white hair, changes into/get RID of… (also same as White Mage apparently))
Axis-Windmill (to meet…)
Alysha Raspberry (his… wife?)
Princess of the Diagonal (Brend’s boss who is away most of the time)
*Danny (mentioned)
*Jeffrey Phillips (mentioned)
*Man About Time (mentioned)
Chet (at new-ish Squared Root Cy, w…)
Berta (twin sister to Phyllis; another Xmas garbed person, better match than…)
Peggy (w…)
Tulsa (waiting on 2 unmasked white people; ready to “quit” in 30 minutes as well)
restaurant boss (unnamed; seen w/ frying pan)
Elisa (in apt near rest. on Star Rd. w…)
Molly Jackson (same as Sally Newgent in the past; besties w/ Elisa but cool/police instead of hot/fire dept.)

people at frozen food court in Lower Austra, Dagoon I believe
Julius Nance (at Squared Root Cy w…)
John and Becky (but also at rest w…)
Baker Bloch (orig next table over, w…)
Hucka Doobie (served by…)
Omaha (but then at even next table over by…)
Tulsa (seen earlier in Squared Root Cy (!))
Creepy (Old Man) Fred (talks to Blackey, calls him cartoon)

Jeffrey Phillips (disappeared into b&w Ringgold Co IA)
Man About Time (in charge now (like Barney Fife if Andy had disappeared))
Danny (mentioned)

5. (NAUTILUS (Squared Root City)):

5. (NAUTILUS (Collagesity):

5. NAUTIIUS/UPPER AUSTRA (Princess Castle/Dairocha Castle/Xanadu Bar):

Dimmy Jean
Marilyn “Munster” (2nd Marilyn, diff from one in Jeogeot but also “the same”)
General Tom (… gave Marilyn huge thumb diamond ring; mentioned)
Sam Petty (tries to rent Dimmy a VW Beetle — no go)
Jonathan Petri Dish (superintendent of Dimmy’s school)
Daffy (Dimmy’s daddy; mentioned)
Doris (Dimmy’s mommy; mentioned — seems to be same as…)
*Jennifer/Shelley Lane (also w/ Dimmy in novel 29, but he is called Tommy Tailgate there)
Axis-Windmill (now called Brend; w…)
Alysha *Raspberry* (… at the Diarocha Castle library)

Marilyn (sold by…)
SAMHAIN (near Dairocha Castle or on its grounds even?)
Abbot (bought Marilyn)
Witches (mentioned, E vs. W again)


George (floating in TILE Pool on OWL (his “Lake”) again)
Marty (next to him, then looks out from nearby ROCK toward…)
Lena Horned (still at small boat in — with…)
Zach Black (but they’re going back to Maeb, continental tour cancelled)
Pink (implied through pink plane Marty is also trying to spot, w/no success)
Josh Richardson (professional insultant, owner of small grey boat next to b&w larger boats)
Fern Stalin (trying to start her red paddle steamboat to get back to Maeb. as well)
Raspberry Girl (reading inside at same time)
W (India) (observer, w…)
Baker B. (… at ROCK/SW)
Carrcassonnee (implied by shape/design of The Rock (!))
Baker Bloch (Baker B. returned to Our Second Lyfe)
Blackey (his blackbird he talks to — resonates with squalking blackbird at center of namesake beach)
*Duncan Avocado (mentioned)
Jacob I. (tiny, in sand castle (SEE: Norris above))
Sally Newgent (witch w/ blue hair and big hat… Raspberry Girl turns into at low energy point)


Axis-Windmill (contemplating Avalon, the i. above Yd)
Keith B. (at Avalon I. marina)
Lichen Roosevelt/Marilyn

Lisa the Vegetarian (quoted about The Measure off Yd Island)
Baker Bloch (currently measuring The Measure)
Walldo (not used but insinuated)

6. CORSICA (Moork/Spinterwood):

Philip Strevor (waiting on Billie Jean Kidd to return from the well)
Marion Star Harding (ditto)
Hucka Doobie (mentioned, but not directly involved here)
Billie Jean Kidd (involved but not seen)
Fox-trot (observing the well well well bros from a safe distance)
Greg Ogden (beside him but too tired to care)

7. GAETA/Twin Peaks Lab:

Billie Jean Kidd (trying to create Clyde paradise)
Norris/Harry (downloading Red Room, which =s Clyde? We’ll see)
Casey One Hole ( a threat!)
White Horse (“1919 Ass”; stops Casey cold in his evil tracks)

8. OMEGA (Flashback):

Hucka Doobie (staring at Julia Bell from Morgan)


Alysha Raspberry (on “vacation” w/…)
Axis-Windmill (implied — taking pictures)
The Ghost’s Ghost (picks lead them to Falmouth Hotel in JFK Cy)


Axis-Windmill (as John Lemon)
Alysha or Sally (as Yoko Ona)
Network Big Wig
Keith B. (old; at sewer mouth w/ transfigured Moes inside; then cabin in Paper)
Phyllis (Keith’s unseen sis (portal to Smug Bay closed))
Biff Carter (camping out)
Cubby (waiting there for…)
Mother (Bear; actually killed and stuffed by Keith in a blackout)
Even and Steven (potheads)
Marilyn (teepee nxt to Keith’s, an “item” w/ him)
*Cheese Clown
*Lichen Roosevelt
Greg Ogden (painter; rents house across rd from Keith’s)
Ted Cyclops (tripping the light fantastic on a swing)
Sepisexton (producer of Sermon on the Mount, preached about by…)
Fiend of a Friend (mentioned by _____)
Zoidboro (preacher at Trinity Church)
Sally Spark O Naut (still loyal follower — ultimate sheep of the flock)
*MONOLITH (dominates Paper; Greg paints…)
Alvin Jr. (black guy at ranger station)
Alvin Sr. (father: disappeared after climbing beanstalk)
Dr. Rabbid Baumbeer (called in as expert of 4)
Mr. Yellow (agent of…)
Dr. Mouse (still w/asylum in Soap)
Chef-inspector Petty
Agent 47 & 23 (male and female now)
Jim (picks up phone BOOM)
Claudes (- another jr. and sr.; mentioned)
Keith B. (can’t get over Cincinnati)
*MORGAN/MORGAINE (resonant with Dexter Moran and Reds’ Joe Morgan in 1)
Dr. Brown
Tom Sleeper
Elisa (in Falmouth Hotel with Brown — trapped!)
Lichen Roosevelt/Marilyn
Man in Bathroom (Chef-inspector Petty catches looking at butterflies).
Bob and Dole (2 heads staring at a yellow parking divider)
*Stu Umbriel — implied thru collage
*Rael McCoy — implied through straight(ended) yellow object
Allen Martin (mentioned)
*Paper King (same as AM?)
Greg Ogden (still riding a white horse ride)
Baker Bloch (at Table in Paper w/…)
Grassy Noll (revealed he killed his own kind)
Anselmo (multifaced)
Nauty (pincushiony guy)
Hucka Doobie
Curled Paper/Gordie Down
Norris (on latter’s shoulder; both reading Winesap)
Suds and Bubbles (mentioned/implied)


Gee Cats 01 and 02
The Gee Spot band (maybe The Basterds by now?)
Wheeler w/ checkerboard face (still running frozen banana stand?)
Hatti? (newspaper stand?)
Loo Umbriel (not yet seen in photo-novels, but “twin” to Stu; more Mouse experiments?)
Ruby Alien (last seen as “water” in fire w Billie Jean Kidd)
Liz (black child seen in sec 6 of 29 w/ Jennifer Lane/Shelley Struthers)


Greg Ogden (checking out its art gallery)
*Ansel Adams (mentioned; “Monolith…”)
Foxtrot (implied via red dress woman + fox)
Norris/Harry (on couch beside pic of…)
Eddie Bread (implied in TILE Treaty through Bread) playing role of GW Carver
*Eddie Peanut Butter (sometimes called this too)

10. OTHER/PICKLELAND (flashback; continuation of “Annaberg”):

*Tank Ferguson (as Bill Mustardgas)
*Wanda (as Michelle Roundup)
*Shauna (static killer victim; didn’t make it back from snow)


Wheeler (dancing on yin-yang symbol)


“1919 Ass”