Notes and News

Outside: rain rain rain for the past week and more coming. So no new blog posts on the greater Blue Mountain area. 😦 But I plan to take several days off soon for fall leaf hiking when it dries out, and to still create some kind of toy happening… somewhere. Maybe Bigfeet Swamp. Maybe Rediscovery. Maybe still in Herman or Frank Park (Whitehead Crossing?).

I’ve taken advantage of being basically stuck indoors recently to create a new carrcass, or what in real life I call an audiovisual synchronicity. I can’t give much detail about it, however.* Currently I’m sprucing up The Table, a directly attached creation. I should have the carrcass ready for viewing by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

Hucka D.:

I heard you want to talk about the latest creation. And the hiking. Where to put the happening? You’ll see.

* Except this: Remember.

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