“Carrcassonnee’s no longer in the garden-temple, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

She has to make a choice. *You* have to make a choice. But it’s already done. You will return to the island. The Island.


Yeah, I kind of get that in exploring more tonight. So it’s Azure Island on the front end of my Second Life existence — the Bakers’ existence in Second Life, and you of course — and then Nautilus City-Island on the back end to complete the deal.

Hucka D.:

Deal completed. You can still study the Rubi Forest from Nautilus. You can visit Mysten, which is not too far off now. You can even go back to the Chilbo area or Sunklands if you desire. I don’t know why you would except for a small visit. You can set another gallery up in Chilbo if you wish. Where to put the galleries? I hear you are thinking about putting Falmouth on The Island. To be honest, you need another building for Gilatona-Lis.


Thanks. So: island mythology. So interesting that I was there when the island arose from the sea, and that *you* predicted it.

Hucka D.:

I did. And I knew this day would come when you would return.


Nice. Let’s see: Mossmen created Nautilus Island?

Hucka D.:

(pause) Yes. Crutter (name of Mossman?)


Any kin to Gene Fade?

Hucka D.:

Cousin. Like Boss Moss.


Probably the story of that island is coded in the garden.

Hucka D.:

Words out of my mouth[ you took].


Putting a foot and more in Jack’s Hollywood mouth.

Reading Light (2 Swifts).

1 eye Mossman w/ scrunched Jesus and Mary.

The other eye Light; the other Winesburg.

Mutually exclusive jesters I.

Mutually exclusive jesters II.

Poorly-hid-in-vegetation Shake still opposing (poorly-hid-in-vegetation) Boxy Brown (not shown).

Missing Carrcassonnee. Baker recalls something about an asteroid…

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