A rare Wheeler free zone, thinks Newt, still in Ghergie. Her and her Omega continent influence can’t reach me here. But who to talk to? I suppose there’s always Edward. Mustn’t have been with them in this scene, this act. Edward, yes.

He came like Adam but he left a decent man. “Have we met before?” Newt started after the makeover.

“Dunno. Let me check,” and he began to look through the blog again.

“No no, don’t do that. Let’s just talk. No history, we’ll assume.” Newt had a subject at hand. “Found a nine over there, a number. Then it was gone. Then there was a forest spirit hiding inside the ruins of the temple it was formerly just outside of, leaning against almost. Or maybe the ground, the terrain, was just tilted a bit.”

“Um hmm.” Edward Daigle nodded. He’d heard about missing numbers before. Like 4, the only way to reach The Moon. Missing and you’re stuck with terrestrial. But he didn’t say this aloud. He was thinking of his history if he couldn’t politely browse it by jumping outside. I come from a spaceship, he ponders. No: that was Jem. Where’s Jem? It was as if he were waking up from a dream.

“I think the woods are playing tricks on us again. I’ve spent a good amount of time in them lately. Having so much fun!”

Edward figured this was Real Life talk once more from the white headed man. He wanted to stick with virtual. He suddenly wanted to move out of this parcel, contact Wheeler again. Wilson. But the green tower beside the ruined temple prevented it, the same object that probably manifested the 9, he later understood. “Glory be,” he decided to finally say. “Glory be,” he repeated.

And suddenly he was back.


Now friendless-in-the-moment Newt got a name for the spirit: Colon.

“*I’m* your friend,” it seemed to beckon with his mysterious glowing green crystals and knowing smile.

Wheeler Wilson had been able to reach Barry X. Vampire in another part of the sim but couldn’t here. Thanks to the blocking tower of purest green. More symbols fell from it as Newt began to chat with his newest chum, the one who knew him so well if not visa versa. They had time now. Reprieve.

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