Part 06 (Bigfoot II (Chesterton) Art Happening, July 2015)

Bigfoot Early July 01

Another shot of that mysterious wood head positioned on the road around Bigfeet Swamp (southeast corner). LINK


Looking up into the trees.


Leola Creek rock.


A more interesting, larger rock found on the outlet stream of Bigfeet Swamp, just before it joins the flow of Leola. A more pointy rock.


Bigfeet cattails…


Perhaps a slightly better picture of the rock on rock mentioned here. LINK


Larger rock within Bigfoot. I believe this is cement now, which once held a fence pole up at the Plateau of Raw Art. Hence the hole in the middle.


More prominent, mossier rock at Chesterton, which is finally developing into something of an official happening as of yesterday and the day before (as I write this post).


The protruding lip of this pink cup in Chesterton matches the pink of my shoes (bottom).


A few feet away, a golden leaf exactly matches the color on faded coke cans just beyond. Something peculiar is already going on here.


Chesterton looking south from about the position of the golden leaf/coke cans.


This is First Tree. Within Chesterton we have 5 or 6 pine trees positioned 10 to 12 feet apart on the eastern edge of the forest road I call Second Road. I’ve decided to name them by number starting with this northernmost one.


An odd root loop in Chesterton. More on that soon.


Chesterton tree with moss around the bottom of it. Mossy might become its name.


More objects found on Second Road to the south of Chesterton.



Bigfoot (Chesterton) Early July 02

Action in Chesterton for a change (!) Experiments with setting up a marble race track occurred two days ago (below)…



Only to be quickly taken up and replaced by pipe that I had already moved into the area. Hmmm…


Centipede trying to move away from all the excitement.


The pipe runs along the western edge of Chesterton, just up the bank of the road. It’s not finished by any means. The railroad track may even come back. I’m just unfurling the whole new happening at a very gradual and hopefully natural pace. Each piece moved in, each position changed, leads to new consequences and strategies.


And even the toy avatars made an appearance on this day, posing below beside 5 straight pieces of the otherwise unused 027 gauge train track. A green golf ball appears in their midst on the track, harking back to the winning Greenilocks marble from last fall’s Bigfoot happening. There are other, familiar faces from that woodsy event, including the double to actor (and Warren Wilson alum) James Franco (red suited dude to right) and his biggest admirer, Ms. Orange Mmmmmm (to his right). Arms-in-air woman, another Bigfoot acting vet, now seems up in arms about the manifestation of a working bathtub and shower. “What the f?” she might utter here. The fronting cars are just happy to be pulled out of mothballs.



The anthropomorphic, purple ant being named Stonie — another participant in the fall happening — is looking around for those of her kind on her mother’s side. None spotted. Her father could have been human. How did that work? A newcomer to toy avatar acting is the wrestler simply known as The Mexican to her right below, who holds some kind of bendy, multi-colored pipe in his arms. Is he attempting to create a model of Chesterton’s road system? More on this soon.




“Cool-i-o daddy. Glad you like it.”


I think it will be a great creation. More long term than Collagesity Proper.


Right-o. Carrcassonnee is here. Can you dig it?


Yes, I can Chester. (noting Carrcassonnee’s open eye): Hi Carrcassonnee.


Hello Baker. Glad Carrcassonnee can keep you company while I was away.


You mean Chester.

Carr. (blushing?):

Yes. Do you wish to talk further about Chesterton? Tell me what you want to speak with tonight. Tomorrow.


Kevin Durant?


Oh, you know. He went with the titles. Like LeBron. Didn’t trust Westbrook. Wanted more a team environment. He’s no different from Shaq, from others in a different age. He’ll be fine. But Oklahoma City will suffer.


That’s a shame.


Westbrook will obviously leave now. Westbrook was always leaving, probably for L.A.


Golden State seems unbeatable[ now].


They are. But it will be fun to root for the opposite team. Especially LeBron’s team. Good he slipped another championship in before this juggernaut formed.


Yes. (pause) So what of Chesterton?


Is Oz in the middle still?




Find Oz.





Bigfoot Early July 02

Picture of the still central object of Chesterton, which appears to be a pot of some kind, perhaps the remains of a pressure cooker. If so, the missing *top* of the pot may be the same as the “Smelting Plant” of the original Bigfoot happening last fall. In this symbolic way, Chesterton may extend and complete the first happening of the area. It is more long term and slower to unfold.

Note should also be made of the briar growing up from the edge of the pot, whose stem was accidentally broken this day while moving in additional objects. I’m not sure the plant will live. And that wasn’t the only thing I “broke” this second day of the new happening. Oh no.


A second, smaller root hoop was discovered in Chesterton to complement the one already found the day before. Good thing, because I *broke* the first hoop. I was so mad, but in fairness to myself, it was probably a thing that was doomed to happen, since the first and larger root hoop was right on the main path I continually use in pacing back and forth through the area.


“Second Hoop” from above.


Perhaps mysterious yellow flowers laid out near the center of Chesterton. Where did they blow in from? Is it yet another message concerning the new event? I must keep notes on possible oddities like this, for that is certainly part of the happening as well.


See through leaf. Not as mysterious seeming but making for an interesting blog picture nonetheless.


First hoop before I tripped over it and broke the root. Dag Gonnit! Big clumsy foot.


A more interesting rock I bumped my knee upon while setting up railroad track the day before. Has a red mark on it in the shape of a half circle. Does it represent pain itself?


Four pieces of wire were moved from Third Road down the slope to Chesterton and Second Road. Two pieces were more or less straight (and longer), two pieces were amorphous shaped, and akin to the wire art thingie employed in the Bigfoot fall happening. LINK One of the amorphous wire pieces, pictured below, seems to trap a “native” golf ball in one of its reinforced angles.


I took this picture of fern/rock/rubber object on Third Road while gathering the wire.


Across Third Road from that cluster of objects is the landmark Construction Barrels, also known as The Tigers (I think).


The two straighter and longer wire pieces eventually formed a natural crossroads near that central pot. I believe this should be connected to the 49×61 crossroads mentioned in Whitehead Crossing lore. LINK Tomorrow, supposedly a somewhat drier day here in Blue Mountain, I may found out more information about this and other Chesterton developments.


The longest bit of wire extends from one side of Chesterton to the other. This is 61?

This is 61?

“That’s enough of the picture anyway, Baker Bloch. You have noticed that part 2 exactly begins at the wall anyway. We have 2 and 3 within my gazebo. First is outside. First is always outside. What is this? Is it Chesterton? No. But it may be Chesterton-like. Do you see a possible hoop?”



I think I do Carrcassonnee. Could it be the Ray Davies figure trapped by the log, with ruby slippered feet extended?


What do you think Chester? It’s your town[ after all].


I, of course, dig it. Dig that picture. 2 and 3, eh? Cool-ie. Cool-i-o. Dig it.


What do you think of it?


Its so cool there’s so much to dig. Cool-ie.

BBloch (adding thoughts):

The log is the 61 wire. I think I, as baker b., originally put the wire through the hoop, and then thought otherwise.

Carr. (speculating as well):

It [ the wire] is a passage of a marble through time. Silver.


Nice dadd-i-o.


Thank you.


It is a woman, plain and simple. Pure. 61.




Wait. The wire *crushes* the hoop if not literally, then figuratively. I tripped over the hoop and broke it while moving in the wire. This is the Fall of Man. Inevitable. Rain comes. Rain *did* come just as the hoop was broken.




Mann’s Choice. Rain. Riddle, Puzzle, Cypher. Point. Point to Line to Sphere. Um, Cube.


49×61. 2989. We better end. Study Lego.



Oz erased from the center of Chesterton. Hoop broken. Event seen as wicked [witch].





Clare. Fisher. Fishers.,_Indiana

Fishers is a city located in Fall Creek and Delaware Townships, Hamilton County, Indiana, United States, with a population of 76,794, according to the 2010 census. A suburb of Indianapolis, Fishers has grown rapidly in recent decades: about 350 people lived there in 1963, 2,000 in 1980, and only 7,200 as recently as 1990. In 2011, Fishers was named the number one city for families by The Learning Channel and was selected as a Green Community by the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns.[6] The city was named the safest in the nation by CQ Press for 2011-2012[7] and 2012-2013.[8] In 2010, Fishers was ranked eighth in the best places to live according to Money magazine,[9] America’s best affordable suburb by BusinessWeek,[10] and the eleventh best place to move in the country by Forbes.[6] Fishers was also ranked the 24th best place to live in America by Money magazine in 2005,[11] 33rd in 2006,[12] 10th in 2008, and 12th in 2012.[13]

The 2000 census reported the population of Fishers at almost 38,000.[25] With the town’s affordable homes, growing economy, and proximity to the booming city of Indianapolis and Interstate 69 the growth in Fishers was tremendous. In 2003 the town of Fishers requested a special census from the U.S. Census Bureau to accurately measure the rapid population growth since 2000.[18] This census would put the town’s population at 52,390, which is a 38 percent increase from the 2000 census.[18] Since then much of the government’s resources have been devoted to building parks, maintaining roads, and managing the rapid growth of the town.

Six Feet Under is an American drama television series created and produced by Alan Ball. It premiered on the premium cable network HBO in the United States on June 3, 2001 and ended on August 21, 2005, spanning five seasons and 63 episodes. The show was produced by Actual Size Films and The Greenblatt/Janollari Studio, and was shot on location in Los Angeles and in Hollywood studios. The show depicts members of the Fisher family, who run their funeral home in Los Angeles, and their friends and lovers. The series traces these characters’ lives over the course of five years. The ensemble drama stars Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, Lauren Ambrose, Freddy Rodriguez, Mathew St. Patrick, and Rachel Griffiths as the show’s seven central characters.

Six Feet Under received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for its writing and acting, and consistently drew high ratings for the HBO network. Regarded by many as one of the greatest TV series of all time, it has since been included on TIME magazine’s “All-TIME 100 TV Shows”,[1] as well as Empire magazine’s “50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time” list.[2] It has also been described as having one of the finest series finales in the history of television.[3] It won numerous awards, including nine Emmy Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, and a Peabody Award.

Chesterton Early July 03

Daily visits continue to Chesterton in this kind of slow developing toy/junk happening. Today I bought 2 batches of cheap animal figurines from the local Wal Mart and Dollar Store. Nice stuff for the cost (5 dollars total). 2 tigers were within, although I didn’t plan this twinning with what I’m now calling The Tigers (conjoined construction barrels) just above and west of Chesterton. It’s something that just happened.

The longest wire of Chesterton separates the two tigers and a lion in the below photo. I believe this reinforces the idea of the wire representing the number 61, specifically connected to the famous Highway 61 and the mighty Mississippi River it parallels for the great majority of its north-south length. This is reinforced in several different ways. Check here LINK for an example.

And this is also Oz related. Have we found Oz in the center of Chesterton, as Carrcassonnee suggested we do?


There were also several plastic plants and trees included in the toy packages I bought today.


More of the toys.


Even more.


A very important melding also occurred this day of the Chesterton happening. The bottom of what appears to be a pressure cooker, already present in Chesterton, was reunited with its top coming from Bigfoot Proper down at the swamp, a key element in the happening from last fall and what I deemed an “iron smelting plant” there. More on this soon; it’s kind of, again, one of those mysterious things about the happening, about the swamp and area itself. But with this “marriage”, Chesterton appears to have truly become the dominating center of all of Bigfoot now, supplanting the swamp location.


The 61 “Wireway” passing through the cluster of new toys.


The giraffe’s head is illuminated by the evening sun.


Experiments with washer and nut sliders on the wireway.


Having finished snapping my pictures for the day, I put up my new toys all except for the 2 tigers (lower center), which remain on their rock.


Closeup of the broken First Hoop. It can also be seen at the bottom of the above photo. Wireway 61 doesn’t pass through it currently, but it did in the past and perhaps the future as well.


Thoughts: Chesterton, Etc.


“It’s obvious that the Chesterton happening would take root when we were watching “6 Feet Under”, Carrcassonnee.”


I am here. Yes, the second Chesterton in Indiana, and the only remaining one in the US as a whole. Hole? Anyway, it indicates this yes. Good.


I watched the synch featuring “6 Feet Under” today, Carrcassonnee. Do you know the one?


Yes. I am Carrcassonnee.


Great. I enjoyed it, as usual. Probably watched it 30-40 times now. It’s one of the most complicated I’ve been able to tape. Over 90 tiles within.


I am here.


But looking from the outside, without prior knowledge and understanding of the structure, it could be confusing.


Yes. Don’t blame others.


Is Bigfoot around in Bigfoot? Had to ask.


They are keeping a [certain] distance.


Where’s Hucka D. in all this?


Hucka D. is more behind the scenes[ now]. (pause)


Is it because of the establishment of Collagesity as a permanent installation?


In part. We need for you to talk to someone a little more solid. Me.


Claire Fisher is at the beginning and the end of the synch. Alpha and omega. And it’s one tile, broken in two. The first shows her death at age 101, I believe. The second continues the journey to the city where she can truly begin her career as an artist, a photographer perhaps. She is the frame. The construction barrels above Chesterton are her.


Fishers, yes. Clare Fisherburg. I dig it, as Chester would say.


Dig it!


Then there’s one several tile[s] within the synch that shows her mother, Ruth Fisher. She has just allowed Bill Murray to enter her house in the tile before, and then in the next she takes the place of Murray, stating she doesn’t need to come in — Arthur’s room. She’s rented a video. She doesn’t have [Murray’s] flowers in her hand any longer. Flowers to video. It’s “Silent Running” which stars Bruce Dern, featured in a recent carrcass Carrcassonnee.


Carr-11. I know.


[About] Nebraska. Then we have Ruth again in 2 other tiles just after this. It’s kind of a weak spot of the sync as a whole.


We’re talking about Waits 4 No 1. Not Carr-11.


Yes. Anyway, she and Arthur watch the film, and we tune in, in the synch, when they are almost done and are watching the ending credits. This cuts to a porn film after we return to Whose Line is it Anyway, with Ryan attempting to demonstrate how a Sperm Bank ATM works to Colin.


Funny. But, yes, it is cut.


Both Arthur and Ruth are very embarrassed that the porn thing is on TV when the video is cut off. Then we head to Dune.


I am Dune.


I wonder if a new synch could feature Silent Running?



Thoughts: Chesterton Etc. 02


“… reversed in Louisiana, with Lions the plural instead of Tigers. Instead it’s Tigerville, singular. In Chesterton yesterday there were 2 tigers on opposite sides of Wireway 61 from a lion. But at any rate, Wireway 61 resonates with Highway 61 which is, in turn, the Mighty Mississippi River itself.”

LOOK UP: How Miss. divides Lion and Tiger from each other, formerly joined at the hip. This separation also spells end of Oz rulership. Real Life begins. Birth.

Breaking of First Hoop in Chesterton at some point in the moving in of these wireways also parallels this end and new beginning.

U.S. Route 61:

U.S. Route 49:

At Jackson, U.S. Highway 49 shares an alignment with segments of Interstates 20 and 220 before turning northwest to Yazoo City. A split in the highway, rare in the U.S. system, begins here, with both routes heading into the Mississippi Delta, U.S. 49W serving the towns of Belzoni and Indianola, where it junctions U.S. Route 82 and its four-lane segment ends, while two-laned 49E serves Tchula before encountering U.S. 82 at Greenwood. Both routes continue north from 82 and are linked again at Tutwiler, Mississippi. Continuing northwest, the highway passes through an interchange with U.S. Route 61 as it enters Clarksdale. It is at Clarksdale that Highway 49 encounters “The Crossroads”, the legendary junction with State Street (an old alignment of U.S. 61) where the great blues musician Robert Johnson is reputed to have sold his soul to the devil.[6]

From Clarksdale, Highway 49 continues north toward its crossing of the Mississippi River, where it enters Arkansas near the town of Helena.

NOTE: Robert Johnson has come up in 2 separate ways recently in this blog. First, the Crossroads legend focusing on the 49-61 junction in Clarksdale has resurfaced through the crossed wireways of Chesterton, which have been identified with the 2 highways. Second, in Second Life, Quito has surfaced as a keyword in BoB (Birth of Bogato) LINK, and the Mississippi town of the same name (origin: unknown) was found to be one of 3 sites in Leflore County where Robert Johnson of 49×61 fame was reportedly buried in an unmarked grave.

Thoughts: Chesterton Etc. 03

Possible next steps:

Simply to *camp* at Chesterton overnight. I could keep entertained by my phone, and I could take books. I could bring in white noise to drown out any neighborhood commotions. I could go down to the swamp. I could head up to the Plateau of Raw Art to hang out a bit. It might be fun. But I probably won’t do it anytime soon.

In 1983 I camped out for about a month at the Leola Creek watering hole just across the ridge. In the same year I created a makeshift teepee, also near this watering hole (what I’ve called Rediscovery more recently), and at the same place that people are *still* camping at, 25 years later almost. Yes, at some point I will camp out at Bigfoot, if it remains intact and the land isn’t developed. Because the land *will* be developed. Bigfoot is not protected property, like Whitehead Crossing, like Billfork and other places in Frank and Herman Parks. It is not within a park. It is simply land, very near town, that for one reason or another remains a void that progress has skipped over so far.

My theory, and perhaps I should have Carrcassonnee voice this instead of myself, is that Bigfoot is a *gift* to me at this point in my life. “We’ll give him some place that is safe so he won’t get into trouble,” is what the providers are thinking. “Let him stretch his imagination still, but in a protected microcosm.” I haven’t gotten tired of Bigfoot yet, despite many visits. And I dont’ see my interest in it waning much until the leaves go away again, when the rest of the local woods really open up to me once more. How many years will I have Bigfoot? I’m hoping quite a number. But realistically I’m shooting for 5 or 6. And I’m serious about it being created for me. For you, the reader, as well through me, but mainly for me on a physical level. How could this be?

Reverse engineered, Bigfoot doesn’t totally belong in the present. It is seeded in a more recent past. When I camped out at Rediscovery those 20-25 years ago, Bigfoot as I’m presenting it in this blog didn’t really exist. It was born out of an expansion project taking place at what is now the mainly vacant Plateau of Raw Art, namely the creating of a new playing field for the local high school. The Bigfoot forest roads and the swamp were made in the mid-90s sometime. It took them this long to become mature with vegetation. Open at the beginning, Bigfoot protects and nurtures now. The small pine forest hides. The lush swamp has been basically forgotten, although steps on one side indicate a more visited past. But at the bottom of it, I believe Bigfoot exists outside of time — that’s my point, I think. It exists in coordination with all else that surrounds it: the skateboarders up at the Plateau that come daily, the apartment dwellers to the north and east, the beautiful and almost certainly sentient Leola Creek marking a protecting eastern border for it. All these create a coordinated tension that Bigfoot slots into the middle of perfectly. It is a round peg in a round hole. But this perfect balance of tensions is temporary.

It is a nest. I am the egg. What will I become when hatched? The art happenings progress. They could not do so in Frank and Herman Parks. Those spaces belong to others, perhaps other artists, and of a much more advanced nature. True Bigfoot we are possibly talking about here, along with accompanying aliens. My art does not really complement or slot in easily with their art. These other artists might not understand the nature of the marbles and the toy avatars. They may be protective of their junk which is potentially used in a happening. Toy/junk happenings, the way I see them, are a *delicate* matter. I, we, are interacting with nature in a very intimate and creative manner. I am not constructing a building or school. I am not inflicting mass damage on the environment like an expansion project of a high school would do, or creating an apartment complex relatively unsensitive to the plants, the trees, the landscape that has to be sacrificed as a result. I am attempting to *blend* with an already established environment. The happening has many sides and angles. As stated, it coordinates with other art and habitation of a given region. The skateboarders of the Plateau of Raw Art, developing and refining their own work, are *unconsciously* aware of Bigfoot. I now sometimes walk quite close to them when returning to my car. “I am one of you,” I want to communicate. “We are working in a similar direction.”

The apartment dwellers across the creek unconsciously know of me and my Bigfoot involvement. They provide space; this is my space and that is theirs, just like the skateboarders. I do not like to expose myself to their viewings. The skateboarders, as well, must be kept at a certain arm’s length, despite some cool symmetries of artistic endeavors. It is good enough that all of these people create unconscious space for me and my own creative impulses. And the swamp and attached stream are certainly sentient in a way, also. What is it saying? Does it see or remember its beginning, its end? Who am I to it?

Bigfoot Early Mid July 01

We had a terrible wind storm the other day here in Blue Mtn., with many trees knocked down. Yet when I returned to Bigfoot the next day, I believe, my two little tiger figurines I had set on a small rock were still standing! I was amazed; I thought they’d be blown clear across Leola Creek to parts unknown. The forest and also plateau above them must have acted as a buffer. But even then the wind couldn’t have been that severe here… the storm must have largely passed Chesterton over somehow. And, in fact, I didn’t see any fallen branches in Bigfoot either that I noticed. Hmm…


Two new objects I imported into Chesterton this same day.


Down at Bigfeet Swamp now, I’d been meaning to take a picture of this broken cement slab near the southeast corner of 1st Road for a while now. Obviously use to be square shaped. Now broken fairly cleanly down a central diagonal. Like a broken locket?


Bigfoot Proper: I simply could not choose what objects needed to be moved up to Chesterton and what needed to stay here. So I made no large decisions this day on that matter. But we definitely have two sides of a balance in terms of Chesterton vs. Bigfoot Proper. Like black and white rocks. Like a marriage of some kind. Yin and yang, perhaps.


More Bigfoot Proper objects… for now. Speaking of yin/yang, one thing I believe that definitely belonged in Chesterton from Bigfoot Proper was that old “iron smelting plant” which actually was the top of a pressure cooker, it seems. I’ll tell more of its story down the line. I’m not sure exactly *how* the 3 main parts of the pressure cooker got back together (!). More broken pieces, that have been reunited in this case: bottom, sides, top.


A continuing theme for this post: broken or fractured rock found near Orangie Creek north of the swamp.


Another unusual “rock” nearby. I’ll have to take a closer look at this one soon.


A plastic cup and some kind of spray can embedded in the banks of Orangie. They partially inherited its color.


We move to the extreme west of Bigfoot for these next 3 pictures, including a cement decoration that I could barely budge. No way I could get it back to the swamp, let alone Chesterton uphill.


Unusual rock path along Leola Creek wedged between what I’m defining as Bigfoot and the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. I want to talk to the creator! But, then again, I don’t want to attract attention to myself via Bigfoot in any way, beyond the cloaking mythology of this blog.


Another object found near the cement decoration mentioned just above. This would be next to the northern edge of The Island, which I’ll have to take more pictures of soon as well. This Snow White shaped dispenser *did* make it back to Chesterton. Probably contained a fabric whitening product originally.


Snow White, eh? And I even found a kind of two staired platform for her to stand on at another part of The Island. During windier times, she can fit into that hole between the two stairs for protection.


The Chesterton “downtown” is also developing as well. I’m sure at least a handful of toy avatars will call it home soon. I’m thinking Lisa the Vegetarian should number among ’em. We’ll see. I rolled that tire in the background down from the Plateau of Raw Art this same day. It was just waiting there for me on the old high school track when I arrived; not present before. I’m seeing it as maybe a sports stadium for Chesterton. What will the attached sports mascots be? Tigers? Cheetas? (Goldfish?)


A small “forest” of plants more in northern Chesterton. I think it should be deemed a park. You can see Wireway 61 on the lower right of the picture.


Bigfoot Map 01

click to enlarge

Classic seeming map of Bigfoot above. Future maps, when they come, will perhaps be of similar proportions in terms of an overall cropping. Both Chesterton and Bigfoot Proper (yellowed on map) will deserve more detailed looks. Interesting tension forming between the two. Reminds me of rivalry between my self created virtual towns of Pietmond and Teepot in 2010-2012. What community gets what object? What toys are more identified with one or the other? How do the marble races — actualized for Bigfoot Proper and hypothesized for Chesterton (more on that very soon) — differ between the two? Although both are on old forest roads, the communities contrast in other ways. It’s good to have this tension through natural rivalry. Helps each grow and define itself better. Bigfoot Proper will never go away as long as Bigfoot is around. Nor will Chesterton. And what of little Vincente between them now? Will a beach form there, accessible to both bergs?

To present details of the map [enlarge]:

Well, let’s start with those communities. You can spot yellow outlined Bigfoot Proper next to Bigfeet Swamp in the lower center of the map. The two shapes within, circle and square, stand for its spool table and metal chair respectively, both heavily featured in the Bigfoot Art Happening last fall. LINK Notice on the map that north is to the right instead of at the top. This means that Bigfoot Proper lies on the north side of the swamp. Again, Bigfeet Swamp got its name through an influential 1998 survey, which determined it is about 100 feet long, which became a “big number of feet” and then just “bigfeet”. The name Bigfoot for the overall area stems from Bigfeet, then. Before this, Bigfoot Proper was called Middle Game (and before that Iron or Irontown or Ironton).

Vincente (on west side of Bigfeet Swamp, or upper side on the above map), lies between Bigfoot Proper and Chesterton, forming almost a right angle with the two. It may be older than Bigfoot Proper. Then again, Chesterton may be older than either Vincente or Bigfoot Proper. But in hypertime, it doesn’t really matter at the bottom. All form “at once”. Vincente remains the smallest of the three by a considerable margin. The name comes from painter Vincent van Gogh in a convoluted way involving a resident of Utah’s Brian Head that I befriended at a temporary job in Middletown about 25 years ago. Unfortunately, we haven’t kept up with each other. Like Ironton Missouri, Brian Head Utah lies within an Iron County, one of four such named counties in the U.S. (Michigan, Missouri, Utah, Wisconsin). Iron is associated with Bigfoot Proper especially because of the presence of a full golfing iron there when I first visited it in September of last year. From this grew the legend that BP was originally known for its iron smelting, hence its original names.

Vincente may have been the site of the Middle Game high school. Did kids from both Bigfoot Proper and Chesterton attend? Or did these larger communities have their own schools? I’m guessing the former, at least for a time. The Middle Game name also refers to the middle position of Vincente between the two, then.

Chesterton is highlighted in yellow above Vincente, in the upper central part of the map. The pressure cooker seeming pot is symbolized as a circle within. The top of the pressure cooker originally appeared in Bigfoot Proper, built when it was known as one of the “Irons”. A second iron, only a head this time, was moved into Bigfoot Proper at one point, procured from the Plateau of Raw Art (far upper part of above map). Only the very lower part of this plateau is shown on the map. It is not part of Bigfoot but remains separate. It is essentially a less visited community park of Blue Mountain now, skateboarders being the most frequent guests. Some people also walk their dogs there, or lob baseballs around in the old fields or run around the track and stadium stairs for replenishing exercise. I’d say 10-15 people visit a day.

The four forest roads of Bigfoot are also marked. First Road comes close to surrounding the swamp, with a gap between Bigfoot Proper and Vincente where the intake stream’s pipe comes down from Plateau of Raw Art. BigFoot Proper lies on First Road, at the northern edge of the swamp as stated. 2nd Road lies above (elevation-wise) and west of First Road. Chesterton is on this road. For this and other reasons Bigfoot Proper is sometimes dubbed First Town and Chesterton Second Town. But this is mainly done by those from Bigfoot Proper, who are biased about the importance of their town relative to a primary rival. Bigfoot Proper as a whole is still seething that Chesterton stole (and enlarged) their smelting plant. “You have the spool table still,” counters Chesterton as a whole, in turn. Bigfoot Proper scowls and starts its usual spiel about its advantages, blah blah blah. Chesterton shoots back that it is more long term and naturally evolving. It also touts itself as more hidden and also more central. Little Vincente tries to speak but cannot be heard above the shouting of its “parents”. “Blah blah blah”. Well, “blah blah blah!”. That’s what it all sounds to Vincente’s peewee ears; makes him want to hack ’em off, or at least the one turned in their direction. The other is listening to reason.


(continued in)

Bigfoot Map 02

(continued from)

click to enlarge


There are several paths that lead into and out of Bigfoot. Let’s start with the main path in, which is the one I mostly use in the summer. It’s really cool — you park your car quite legally at a lot just to the west of the Plateau of Raw Art and then walk above and to the south of it on one of those old logging roads that are multitudinous within the area. The path crests about 1/2way between the parking lot and Bigfoot. At that time the walker may be close to 200 feet above the level of the plateau, so quite a bit up from it. Rare is the day when I use this path that skateboarders aren’t present at the old high school tennis courts below, along with their constant slapping and rolling sounds. But it doesn’t bother me that much, despite my condition…

At the upper right of the map you can see where this Main Path intersects Bigfoot at its southwest corner, or at the southern end of 4th Road. Just into the field to the left as you enter, you find this mysterious blue circle adorning a cement slab. LINK

At this point one has a choice to follow either 4th Road or South Path down into the heart of Bigfoot. South Path represents a much steeper descent directly to the Bigfeet Swamp past the southern edges of 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and then 1st Road to end. You can use 1st Road to access Bigfoot Proper now, following either an eastern or western navigation around the swamp. I do not generally go down to Leola Creek from 1st Road through the set of stairs on the southeastern side of Bigfeet Swamp when I first arrive at Bigfoot, but you also have that option here.

If one instead uses 4th Road to access Bigfoot Proper, you head north until close to its end near the old school track and then turn right on what I’m also terming a “Main Path” on the above map. Maybe I should change the first such named path I’ve mentioned to *Crest Path*. Anyway, once again you cross 3rd, 2nd, and 1st roads to reach Bigfoot Proper, except when you reach 1st Road from this direction, you’re already basically on the edge of Bigfoot Proper according to present definitions. Again, BP is the yellow highlighted area in the lower central part of the above map.

And more recently formed and still fainter paths can take you from 4th Road down to Chesterton on Second Road (yellow highlighted square more in the upper central part of the map) and ultimately to Vincente on First Road.

Before the poison ivy comes out in the spring (and after it retreats in the fall), one can also access Bigfoot from the nearest of two old baseball fields, following a path that runs behind the scoreboard and drops into the area north of the swamp. This is the path I’ve marked with “closed for summer” on the right hand side of the map.

From the north and south directions, there are no easy ways into Bigfoot — no paths to mention. This certainly helps protect the area from visitors. Practically speaking, to access Bigfoot you have to use paths coming down from the Plateau of Raw Area to the west or those coming across Leola Creek to the east.

So let’s deal with those eastern accesses. When the water of Leola Creek reaches a certain low level, you can cross the creek into Bigfoot through stepping stones at specific places. Not many, but I at least know one fording place of this nature, which would come in the area I’ve labelled “Safe Zone” in the lower center of the Bigfoot map. I applied this name to a small span of Leola here because it is out of a direct viewing line of house and apt. dwellers to the north and south. I can hop and play on the numerous rocks in this zone knowing that my silliness is probably not going to be observed.

Another, longer way you can access Bigfoot from the east is across a log or fallen tree bridge seen on the extreme lower right of the map. First you have to reach the island we only see the southern tip of at this bridge, an easy hike from apartments on that side. The island doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s the only legitimate geographic feature of its kind within Greater Bigfoot; all other “islands” in the creek are basically just moss and plant bedecked rocks that I’m recalling.

So you carefully walk across the log, hop the stream I’m calling Cheetah 2 times, and then while continuing to head south you have to also leap across Orangie Stream (rename this Tiger Stream?) to reach the swamp, once more. Coming from the direction of Bigfoot, you can also use this bridge to access the whole Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape which lies just to the east. Nifty.

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Bigfoot Map 03

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Other aspects:

The Bramble: A corridor of thicker vegetation pictured in the very center of the map and paralleling/overlapping the Intake Stream flow for Bigfeet Swamp (see below). The Bramble begins at 4th Road and runs downhill all the way to 1st Road, where it ends in The Hollow (not labelled). The Caves, individually named Holey and Unholey, are on the upper side of The Hollow. This is where Taum Sauk made his winter camp. In fact, I’m pretty sure he still lives there. Perhaps soon he’ll make a visit to Chesterton just uphill to see what all the new excitement in Bigfoot is about. I’m sure he’ll be an honored guest.

The Bramble quite effectively protects Chesterton from northern incursions. In fact, it’s about at its densest here. I’ve not attempted to get through it to span the two parts of 2nd Road. Might be possible in the winter, but I’m not betting on it because of the presence of a good number of briar plants.

Mina’s Pool: You can spot this small body of water if you look at the lower part of The Bramble and head right. It lies at the lowest end of Intake Stream. Named, of course, after Taum Sauk’s recently deceased wife (who lives on as a spirit?), this is where she drowned sometime before or during the October 2015 Bigfoot happening while attempting to “float like a boat.” That’s about all the information I have about the tragedy presently. Mina’s Pool represents a popular spot for bird baths. It is also home to salamanders and frogs… not sure about fish (hafta check).


Intake Stream: In ways, the spine of Bigfoot as a whole, passing underneath all 4 forest roads before emptying into Bigfeet Swamp at Mina’s Pool. Each road except the 4th has a square cement slab marking the place of its underground passage. Many mysteries remain unsolved about the true nature of this stream, and, in fact, all other streams of Bigfoot, including…

Outtake Stream: I prefer to think of this as a separate stream from Intake, although you could obviously make the case that they are one and the same. Outtake Stream emerges from a pipe leading to Bigfeet Swamp to create another, smaller pool in comparison to Mina’s Pool, which remains unnamed. It takes about 50 more feet for the stream to merge with Leola Creek, running past a prominent stone known as Point Rock. Outtake Stream is not considered a part of Leola Creek’s “Safe Zone” mentioned before. Explorers of this flow can fairly clearly be seen by house and apartment dwellers on the opposite side of Leola Creek. Needless to say I haven’t walked down there that much during my many Bigfoot visits. Too risky in general.

Orangie Stream: Another important stream of Bigfoot, and emptying into Leola Creek on the opposite side of its Safe Zone from Outtake Stream. The flow is noted for its intense orange color, perhaps properly defined as leachate.

Hmm… this just came up third in a pertinent google search list for “Blue Mountain high school built on landfill”. Chesterton again (!).

I was trying to determine if the site of the old Blue Mtn. high school, now the Plateau of Raw Art, was formerly a town dump of some kind, explaining the orange color of Orangie draining from its eastern side.

Orangie also may be named Tiger, an orange cat. Some might also call it Cheetah or Cheeto, although that appellation seems to apply more to…

Cheetah Stream: … another small water flow just to the east and north of Orangie. Cheetah starts somewhere near the mouth of Orangie. In fact, if it weren’t for its clear nature, I might guess it’s a continuation of the same flow. Cheetah empties into Leola Creek near the southern tip of The Island, at the Bigfoot side of The Bridge already discussed in the post before this. It is named for an illusion of a cheetah head caught in one of my May photos, discussed here.

The Tigers: 2 conjoined construction barrels on the edge of 4th Road that act as a prominent landmark for Bigfoot. Possessed by spirits, the barrels are known to have the ability to turn into actual tigers, or at least toy avatar representations. A 3rd Tiger (construction barrel) is embedded within Bigfeet Swamp. He/she/it is known as The Wanderer, or The Detached. Something.

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Next Steps

I should be able to play around in Bigfoot at least this coming Sunday morning. Go in early; take [railroad] track. See how to set it up for a fuller happening down the road a bit, perhaps in the fall (or a drier period in the summer, even). I’m going to push the envelope with this one. I’m even thinking about getting rid of virtual Collagesity to save a bit of money each month for toy happening related purchases. I have my eye on some model railroad landscaping products already. I might start frequenting local flea markets. It could be — *could* be — that Collagesity’s purpose reached its peak with the creation of the large and important (to me) “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” fictional work. I finished that about 4 months back now and haven’t really done anything much with the virtual berg since then. I’ll have to think long and hard about this one. Perhaps a chat with Carrcassonnee is in order.


Sell. I am present in Cayuga still[ on top of the Art 10×10 Building there]. You have places all over the place now.


But it’s *your* village.



Hucka D.:



Howdy Hucka D.!

Hucka D.:

I can be your guide again. Choose me!


If I get rid of Collagesity, what are the consequences?

Hucka D.:

Not much. It will have to go eventually. Like Bigfoot itself. Bigfoot is a nest for you to hatch and grow in a nurtured environment. Then: Middletown. Give up the tier now. You’ll have a larger virtual reality later.


What about[ the projected] Bogota [series]?

Hucka D.:

Bogota goes as Bogota is. Umm…


You don’t know.

Hucka D.:

No. Carrcassonnee might know.


I don’t[ know].


Nobody knows nothing about Bogota.

Carr and Hucka D. (jointly):

No. Not really. (additional muttering here)


*I* know.


David Bowie!


Bigfoot Late Mid July 01

The complete pot or, more precisely, pressure canner or pressure cooker. Looks like about a 40 quart one based on comparisons with this similar item.


The point I want to make with the following photo is that I found the pot not in 2 pieces but 3, with the bottom removed as well as the top. It took me a minute to even associate the bottom and sides of the pressure canner together when I found them close to each other almost 3 months back now. As regular Bigfoot event readers will already know, the top was procured from the Plateau of Raw Art in the fall, and was prominently featured in the October art happening at Bigfoot Proper (BP). One of the odd things about this is that I’m not sure where I found the top — memory doesn’t serve me for that more distant event. It *could* have been near the sides and bottom, perhaps in front of the fence that they, in turn, were then found behind later on. I just don’t have clear recall.

Below you can see the crack all around the edge of the bottom where I had matched it with the sides again. The canner is a magical 3-in-1 item. It represents Chesterton rising to at least equal importance to Bigfoot Proper in the long term happening that the overall Bigfoot area is becoming. Little Vincente looks on, alternately staring at and admiring each. He can’t weigh in on an ultimate judgement either. It’s like choosing one parent over another, which no kid likes to do. But I think Chesterton will win out in the end, as one sex rises to prominence over the other. I think it is the feminine.


Speaking of females — this is another weird thing that happened. Remember in the Bigfoot related picture post just before this one that I was quite shocked to find both of my toy tigers still standing on a small stone after a recent wind storm? Well, I come back this day to find the female tiger basically *embedded* in the pine needles about a foot in front of the rock. I could not remove the figurine without disturbing the needles basically woven around her. The male tiger had also moved, but appeared to just topple over from his standing position on the rock. Something is definitely happening in Chesterton that one could call paranormal. This is a direct comment on male and female energies. The female tiger here was selected as the carrier of the paranormal message. “Where I am could not happen without intelligent intervention,” she seems to relay. The male tiger toppling over could be an accident — this embedding, as I said, falls into another category.


I’m writing the text several days after taking these photos and I know a similar, paranormal event will happen to the below pictured rock very soon. This is Pocket Rock, formerly located in Whitehead Crossing and which I removed from same this past winter, for reasons I outline in a post at the time. In short, Pocket Rock was deemed an “alien” import into Whitehead Crossing and removed. The same is accepted into Chesterton as a welcome guest, since all of Bigfoot was designed as a nest for toy/junk happenings. It is home?


Further south on Second Road below Chesterton, a good number of fallen pine trees appear in a row. What felled them? Another storm?



I arrived in Bigfoot Proper through First Road to find that a cracked, brown nerf ball was gone. I subsequently found it in a weedy area of Bigfeet Swamp, about 20-25 feet away. Granted, the ball is not very heavy, but is this more evidence of “poltergeist” activity in the area? I certainly can’t rule it out. The nerf ball became exposed to the elements after I removed the pressure canner top formerly covering it and took the it to Chesterton. All this seems to make some kind of fantastical story, or the unfolding of such.


Nerf ball now in Bigfeet Swamp.


Bigfeet Swamp.


Red rooted plant at Mina’s Pool. I’ll have to check to see what kind; obviously likes water.


Bent cattail leaves at Bigfeet Swamp. Naturally bent?


Nerf ball.


Edible blackberries are appearing in the Bigfoot area. Yummy!


Doors are open once more at the old press box of the football field, like when I took these pictures last fall. Who opened them? Anything different inside? I’ll have to check soon, at a time when skateboarders aren’t around to take note of me.


Purple flowers and yellow pipe at the Plateau.


Bigfoot Late Mid July 02

Upon returning to Chesterton Monday, Pocket Rock had been overturned. Raccoons? Why, then? No, I think this is [another] message. Pocket Rock could even have a certain, specific power of its own. Is it the same as space explorer Rock Meadows of Whitehead Crossing legend? They’re about the same size. “We see front and back of things?”


Looking down the track track I set up that day, Barbie Head to left, which the toy avatars of the original Bigfoot happening last fall chose to call Brian Head — not Brain Head, which might have been more logical. Now she’s beside the headless, blue Snow White container found on The Island, obviously making two parts of one thing; head and body together now, or at least beside each other. The head even has a blue dress on as a continuation.

Snow White fears wind now, understandably. That’s why she’s tucked tightly underneath the double stair platform, an object which also happens to be from The Island. Another 2-n-1.


The center of Chesterton, or a *second* center beyond the downtown (get to that new rivalry in a minute), are these 3 really cute model houses, an Avon product retailing for at least 25 dollars apiece. I bought all three at the Mythopolis flea market the day before for a mere 5 bucks. The woman who sold them to me said another man bought them for his model railroad layout. I said I was kind of doing the same, but couldn’t explain in detail, since the idea of a toy happening is difficult to grasp for the uninitiated. So when she asked if I had a model train layout too, I just told her I was planning on getting one. I think the purchase was fate, however, since I was looking online just one or two nights before this for, yes, model train buildings. They’re expensive! Hard to get a decent looking one for under 20 dollars. I was very lucky.

Since taking these pictures, I figured out a way to remove the plugs and attached bulbs from the buildings. So when they are returned to Chesterton, they’ll be cordless. I’m just showing these pictures to prefigure a “final” layout.


More new stuff: Winnie the Pooh with a butterfly on his nose standing close to a princess or queen of some kind — I’m not sure from which show or movie. Not “Frozen,” I don’t think, judging from images online. But for here, we can say that this is probably another version of Snow White because of the white outfit involved. She holds a white purse in her lap. The butterfly flutters just above. The butterfly may have just escaped from the purse. Anyhoot, this is connected to Collagesity’s Curse Purse that both Baker Blinker and Dr. Mulholland have possessed at one time, collected from the distant planet of Muff-Birmingham. More on that soon, but here we seem to have a direct bleed-through between Chesterton and Collagesity, perhaps even a portal of some kind.


Closeup of one of the 3 Avon buildings: a church. The mossy rock beside it might simply be refered to as The Rock, around which all else is built. The 4 colors of the Mmmmmm’s to one side seem to refer to TILE, another “religion”. Is this a TILE Church, then, and not a Christian one? Or has the former transplanted the latter?


The new Chesterton center looking south toward the downtown, which may no longer be the downtown.


Looking north, with The Bramble in the background now, which one cannot get through. Impenetrable.


We move south of Chesterton now on Second Road to uncover this day yet another root loop, a stumpier and shorter one this time. I’ll have to make a more detailed map of both Chesterton and Second Road soon. Preliminary examination has the southern part of Second Road below The Bramble divided into about 14 logical segments, with Chesterton occupying the first 4 or 5.


This particular Bigfoot visit also took me to The Island (and beyond) on its northern side for closer examination. I didn’t find any new objects there to add to the Snow White container and the double stairs platform, but I did find this bee posing on a rock while preening itself.


The Cliffs just across Leola Creek from The Island. Quite impressive. Maybe 20-25 feet high and much longer.


The Beach of The Island. Even has bagged sand awaiting distribution. I briefly contemplated taking these 2 sand bags back to Bigfoot Proper or Chesterton but balked after picking one up. Too heavy to lug that distance while hopping across creeks, etc.


I discovered this little rock with a face beneath The Bridge of The Island, or the way back into Bigfoot proper. The bridge into Bigfoot, in essence, since I’m fairly sure The Island is not technically within its boundaries.


On the same day, another object from Bigfoot Proper was moved up to Chesterton, with the thinking being that it could serve as a prop for the developing railroad track loop.


But that plan didn’t quite pan out this day of experimenting, so I added it to the downtown region next to the pressure canner.


Another shot of Pooh and “Snow White” princess.


Head and body reunited, again.


And I also decided to lay this metal butterfly found in the same box as Winnie the Pooh at the Mythopolis flea market directly about the much smaller butterfly on his nose. Together they set me back one dollar. The association is obvious; the butterfly (and attached purse) become central. The metal butterfly also reminds me of a white horse decorating hillsides of Wiltshire and other English counties.


I was unable to finish the full track today, but the idea of running it all the way to Chesterton’s downtown area and back has been scuttled. And I don’t even have enough pieces to complete this shortened version. I’ll have to dig around our junky basement more in coming days — because I *know* the number was greater than the 40 pieces brought in so far. The Bigfoot happening last fall, by itself, contained 47 segments of track, I believe, and I remember at the time that I had a significant additional amount to play around with, if desired.

In connection with this at least temporary loss, a reorganization of our house is most likely in order. Toy gathering and indexing, for example, could easily get out of hand.



I should be able to do a lot of constructive work in Bigfoot and specifically Chesterton this weekend. My goal is to set up a working marble track. See preliminary discussion of this in the previous blog post LINK. The summer happening might be coming to a peak. I might even take an afternoon off on Friday (?). Probably not, but I’d like to. Afterwards — you never know — rain might move in once more and put a choke hold on the rest of the summer. But, then again, there’s always the fall and drier October, the least rainy month of the year. I *love* October here in the mountains! But I see Chesterton as more a summer event, perhaps.

Another strong possibility I’d like to talk about is the end of Collagesity, my virtual home for a bit over 2 years now. A long time in Second Life! I’ve put all my land there up for sale just last night except for a 512 bordering the Rubi Woods, although at a higher price tag than what people might instantly jump on. My plan, if this goes through, is to keep the 512 and the premium membership, and that’s it as far as land ownership goes for a little bit. Later on, of course, I’ll have the choice of buying more land or renting or both. It’s just that nothing really has happening in Collagesity since the “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” graphic novel ended in mid March. That’s over 200 dollars right there plopped down for a basically inactive virtual village. The idea is that I can spread out my builds in several locations that I don’t own. The Edwardston Station Gallery holding the Art 10×10 collages already exists in Cayuga. I have a Gloomy Gus set up in Asha. The place I’ve been calling BoB contains several small builds, and there’s a secret skybox in Mystenopolis just up the hill from it created last summer. The armoring of a “bodyguard” for Baker Bloch continues…

I think I’d like to develop BoB now: Birthplace of Bogota. Free up a 50 dollar allowance for toys and such. Focus on *Chesterton*, on Bigfoot. See where the toy/junk happening evolution takes me, since I have such a perfect spot for it now. Perhaps a graphic novel will develop *there* next (!?).


Things to do:

…Take all toys that are going to be used in the event so far to Chesterton in the next several days and store them. I don’t want to store track there overnight, since the dew might start to rust it. But also think of the possibility of a permanent track, or at least what *will* be left behind here during winter months.
…Think more about *Oz* in the center of Chesterton, that needs to be revived. Green golf ball, Greenilochs, etc. Think of publishing the SID’s 1st Oz related interview with Booker T. from 2007 on the Sunklands site that I’ve just been reading. Strange document!
…Think of virtually exploring Chesterton, Indiana (perhaps both of ’em!) for more syncy fun and meaning.
…Dream of a Chesterton related audiovisual synch, perhaps involving 6 Feet Under (Oz?, Bowie? Snow White?)… I love the way the 3rd season started. We’re on episode 5 now of that season; should be finished up with the show in about a month to a month and a 1/2. Remember: Claire Fisher is The Tigers.
…Chesterton/Bigfoot related *collages* for the fall and winter. Bogota series?

Bigfoot Early Late July 00





Bigfoot Early Late July 01

We start at the Plateau of Raw Art and pictures from the improvised skateboard rink up there. The art has progressed since we last stopped by fall 2015. LINK



Is this ghost-like image a Boo? Remember how Boos were depicted in a number of my collages (Boos series) created just after the Bigfoot fall happening? This must be Boone the Boo. 🙂 Dan’l? Why is he examining his hand which forms a peace sign? Is it too late for peace? And what of the vampire fangs? Does it represent the emotional darkness of the larger city depicted behind him or her? A city much too large to be Blue Mountain, I might add.


There’s also some quite nice realistic graffiti at the park…


… but I personally prefer the more symbolic stuff, like this…


A failed attempt at realism? The failure, if so, tells a story as well.


Fallen chain link fence. The park has a nice vibe to it. Safe. Urbanesque but not too much so. A small, safe skateboard rink for a small, safe town. I don’t feel threatened by its presence.




Tiger stripes?


Circle of wholeness. I could actually unscrew this 4 piece baby and take it down into Bigfoot, but would it be a good fit there? What other junk could the Plateau of Raw Art provide for Bigfoot happenings? Have I about gathered all that’s possible?


Bigfoot Early Late July 02

These next 5 photos come from an apartment complex just east of Bigfoot, or wedged between it and the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape. A picnic table awaits at Leola Creek for future thinking purposes. Can’t wait!


There’s a very elaborate set of stairs leading from the apartments up on the ridge down to the creek and table. A lot of work was put into this!


Gazebo on the east end of the apartment buildings.


Nice view of the Blue Mtn. Urban Landscape from the fence there.



A new object has entered Bigfoot today: a plastic yellow Adirondack chair formerly located just across Leola Creek. It never crossed my mind that I could easily carry the chair back into Bigfoot Proper until this day. It could replace the metal folding chair as the primary sitting and thinking spot of BP.

A sync connected with this: a second after resizing the below photo to insert in this blog, my wife asked if she could buy a couple of plastic Adirondack chairs from the local Lowes. She hadn’t seen what I was doing, and then even doubted that the yellow chair in my photo was an Adirondack because of the side view, which turned out to be untrue as I checked. I took the obvious psychic conjunction to mean that we were both on the right track. The new chair will fit nicely into Bigfoot Proper! Fate.


So… Chesterton. Went there not once but twice yesterday. Couple of new developments. Chesterton, at least for now, has definitely split into two parts. Let’s call them Chesterton North and Chesterton South for present purposes. Below we have the center of this Chesterton North, with the 3 nice little Avon buildings already discussed before. A merger with animals also recently purchased has occurred. A giraffe poses between two of the three structures, standing taller than each. A large gorilla pulls a King Kong beside it. A pelican, elephant, goose, alligator, emu, horse, hippo, monkey, and lion also roam the village. A bag of marbles awaits opening. An apple infected with worm is also in the display. Is it the apple that poisoned nearby Snow White? I think in one way it has to be. The worm actually drives the apple around. Applecart? (don’t upset?)


Another decision made this day was to make 12 rustier pieces of connected model railroad track *permanent* within Chesterton (North). This has never happened before in one of my toy/junk, um, happenings. I’ve always removed track when the event was over, like with the Fall 2015 Bigfoot one. The track is also exactly symmetrical: 4 straight pieces on each end, centered by 4 curved segment forming a hoop shaped eastern veer and passing between the 3 Avon buildings. Hoop, hmmm…

Northern part:


Southern part with displayed toys to one side (return to them soon):


Looking toward Chesterton North’s center over Wireway 61, which kind of parallels the permanent track.


The Veer.



The Chesterton/Bigfoot summer art event is closing in on a peak and possible conclusion with the projected creation of a working marble track tomorrow. Great excitement! The two parts of Chesterton, North and South, seem to be bridged together as much as possible right now through the track. More details tomorrow with photos.

Bigfoot has its own resident *weasel*. Can’t recall seeing one in the wild, but this past Friday I witnessed the creature enter Bigfeet Swamp from The Bramble not once not twice but three times, obviously following a path. And he exited Bigfeet Swamp at the same spot on the first two of the three visits: Mina’s Pool, where he seemed to enjoy a brief splash in the water before heading uphill again. My guess is that he might even make his home in The Bramble, and hunt for frogs, salamanders, and such in the swamp (I don’t think he lives in the swamp). Maybe he was after some particular creature that day. But anyway, I am not alone at Bigfoot! I don’t want to run directly into Mr. Weasel on my walks, but I’m sure he’s aware of my presence by now.

… make sure to take several sizes of marbles to Chesterton so that at least one successful marble run can be accomplished. Right now, the count of the track segments for the race totals 49, I believe, taking it beyond Bigfoot Proper’s 42 1/2 from last fall. Biggest one yet.
… take paper towels so that I can clean off my yellow Adirondack chair imported to Bigfoot Proper this weekend. I’d like to sit there and enjoy the swamp tomorrow for a bit before heading uphill to Chesterton. Maybe I’ll see Mr. Weasel, once more.
… I’ll have to take down the track tomorrow after a projected successful marble run (except for the 12 pieces of permanent track). Rain is more likely tomorrow afternoon than it was on either Fri or Sat. And scattered showers are in the forecast for the foreseeable future. Now is the time…

… study Boos collages again to see how Bigfoot and, especially now, the balance of Bigfoot Proper and Chesterton art events are possibly coded within. I believe they are associated with yang and yin energies respectively. Will new collages also further this association? How about a/v synchs?

Bigfoot Marble Race almost completed!

The Silvers help.

Bigfoot/Chesterton Late July Art Happening 01

Before moving to Chesterton again and the possible climax of the 2016 Bigfoot Art Happening, here’s a couple more pictures from the improvised skateboarding park at the Plateau of Raw Art. I took these fairly early in the morning before the coming of skateboard people, who almost invariably arrive on any given day in the afternoon, sometimes en-masse (up to 15 or 20 perhaps).

There’s those Boos again. Such happy creatures in general.


But this one — not so much. Perhaps that’s because he (or she) is the more uncommon vampire boo.


KOOL-ade, hehe. That actually could be a representation of a toy avatar. Remember this guy?


But to the actual toy avatars down in Chesterton… I can’t pretend there’s much rhyme or reason for this particular arrangement of toys except to say I’ve eliminated some from the crowd and replaced them with others. Okay, there might be a story behind Cpt. America and the (female?) chipmunk with an “A” on its sweater almost holding hands, while another chipmunk (jealous male?) watches. And the central tiger PEZ dispenser goes along with the already established tiger theme of Chesterton and Bigfoot as a whole this year. I also wanted to make sure the Simpsons family was on hand this day to watch the completion and fulfillment of the marble race. Homer’s always indiscriminately encouraging the competing marbles onward; he didn’t choose sides. There might be something to the pig seeming to climb, King Kong like, the Empire State Building, while The Joker looks on. Probably not, though. I also like the way the orange rust on the track mirrors the orange tiger head.


This photo depicts the central part of Chesterton North built around the Original 12, the name I’ve given to the 12 rustier tracks that I had planned to be a permanent fixture of Chesterton. Didn’t quite work out like that, but the idea is still in place.


Part of the new track I layed down this day — and the day before. Not nearly as rusty; much more silver in color. The picture takes in what probably amounts to be at least the beginning of a Chesterton Central, between North and South parts and acting as a bridge community. Earlier in the day it contains several more bricks (“houses”?), but these were then removed and used to help prop up the higher part of the marble race track. And, yes, it was a very successful race this day! Get to that in a bit.


This photo couples the spots on the track where the racing marbles are traveling about the least speed (upper part) and the greatest speed (lower part).


Chesterton South. Not much happened in this area today, its residents being more distant onlookers to the race going on over in Chesterton North. “We’ll have our day in the sun,” they perhaps collectively thought, their inward eyes turned to the future.


Rejected toy avatars for the race, many of which couldn’t stand on their own power. Did they loose their souls upon rejection? No longer avatars? It could be something to ponder.


These animals are actually part of the happening, but on a more outlying area north of the race track’s end.


Nearby (broken) hoop, a primary icon for Chesterton. LINK


Wireway 61 separates one from the other.


Bigfoot/Chesterton Late July Art Happening 02

So let’s just move backwards up the track now from end to beginning, starting with… the end. In test runs day before yesterday (Sunday), a peak day for the happening, marbles usually just barely made it over the finish line, slowing considerably in the Original 12 (12 pieces of rustier track at the end of the race) from a speedy entry. In future realizations of the track, I may replace the rustier track with newer stuff — unsure. At any rate, as I stated before, I’ve decided not to make the Original 12 permanent within Chesterton, but just took it back home with me like the rest of the 39, currently shinier segments.

You can see the end of the track roughly parallels Wireway 61 coming in from the north.


This is a juxtaposition of the end of the track (lower part) with the beginning of the track (upper part), which lie directly in line with each other, essentially. This further symmetry was planned, and forms part of Chesterton’s overall synchronistic web, shall we say. I’ll have to see how high the beginning of the track is relative to the bottom the next time I set it up.


The center of the Original 12, or what I call The Veer for obvious reasons. It all kind of centers around that Avon church product and related mossy rock.


But in another way, nearby Pooh (right) with butterfly on his nose fluttering above the Snow Queen’s purse represents the center, along with resonant, large metal butterfly positioned on the bank behind them.


The end of the Original 12 and the beginning of the remaining 39 segments, silvery in color. It’s so appropriate that a very silver door knob holds up the first of these sections, accompanied by a toy avatar we’ll call Small Silver Surfer (SSS or 3S). The wife took a better picture of this pairing that I’ll show in the next post…


The Original 12 is made up of 4 straight segments of train track surrounding 4 central, curved tracks (aforementioned Veer). The Additional 39, as we’ll term them, begins with a similar 4 segment straight run…


which connects to 2 curved tracks…


… before straightening out with 4 more track sections…


… before leading into 3 curved sections, all turning clockwise now…


… that turns into the Big Straightaway of *8* track segments. This is the place marbles pick up their greatest speed heading downward…


… after first navigating this curve where marble speed is at a minimum, at least until the very end of the track right at the Finish Line. Some marbles I raced didn’t make it through this turn, halting forward progress.


Two additional 45 degree turns…



… gets us to the 2 brick supported starting section whose end represents the highest part of the track. We’ve reached the beginning.



Looking back down the track toward Big Straightaway.



So let’s just move backwards up the track now from end to beginning, starting with… the end. In test runs day before yesterday (Sunday), a peak day for the happening, marbles usually just barely made it over the finish line, slowing considerably in the Original 12 (12 pieces of rustier track at the end of the race) from a speedy entry. In future realizations of the track, I may replace the rustier track with newer stuff — unsure. At any rate, as I stated before, I’ve decided not to make the Original 12 permanent within Chesterton, but just took it back home with me like the rest of the 39, currently shinier segments.

You can see the end of the track roughly parallels Wireway 61 coming in from the north.


This is a juxtaposition of the end of the track (lower part) with the beginning of the track (upper part), which lie directly in line with each other, essentially. This further symmetry was planned, and forms part of Chesterton’s overall synchronistic web, shall we say. I’ll have to see how high the beginning of the track is relative to the bottom the next time I set it up.


The center of the Original 12, or what I call The Veer for obvious reasons. It all kind of centers around that Avon church product and related mossy rock.


But in another way, nearby Pooh (right) with butterfly on his nose fluttering above the Snow Queen’s purse represents the center, along with resonant, large metal butterfly positioned on the bank behind them.


The end of the Original 12 and the beginning of the remaining 39 segments, silvery in color. It’s so appropriate that a very silver door knob holds up the first of these sections, accompanied by a toy avatar we’ll call Small Silver Surfer (SSS or 3S). The wife took a better picture of this pairing that I’ll show in the next post…


The Original 12 is made up of 4 straight segments of train track surrounding 4 central, curved tracks (aforementioned Veer). The Additional 39, as we’ll term them, begins with a similar 4 segment straight run…


which connects to 2 curved tracks…


… before straightening out with 4 more track sections…


… before leading into 3 curved sections, all turning clockwise now…


… that turns into the Big Straightaway of *8* track segments. This is the place marbles pick up their greatest speed heading downward…


… after first navigating this curve where marble speed is at a minimum, at least until the very end of the track right at the Finish Line. Some marbles I raced didn’t make it through this turn, halting forward progress.


Two additional 45 degree turns…



… gets us to the 2 brick supported starting section whose end represents the highest part of the track. We’ve reached the beginning.



Looking back down the track toward Big Straightaway.


Bigfoot/Chesterton Late July Happening — Wife’s Pics

The Silvers/ End of Original 12.

The Stage.

The Veer 01.

The Veer 02.

The Veer 03.

The Veer 04.

Track repair.

The Silvers support 01.

The Silvers support 02.

Taking down the track (sob!).

Chesterton North (observer).

Plateau of Raw Art.

The Veer and Ol’ Plugg’n Yellow (!).


“Thank you for speaking with me tonight Carrcassonnee.”


We are always measured by pain and pleasured.


Thanks for that.


You’re welcomed. You have questions about Chesterton?


Well, the event seems over. I won’t be able to get out to Bigfoot for maybe another week. Momentum loss. But great success, if so! Better than even the original Bigfoot event last year.


You bask in success. You eat your cake. Drink it too. Bigfoot is big!


I want to delve deeper into its past. There’s a chance, a *chance*, that it may be around for 10, even 20 more years. It could be a mid-summer destination.


2 fer 1. Different. Unique. Weasel there, even! Next is something different, however. Next is…




You’ll see.

Bigfoot Gleanings 01

The Bigfoot/Chesterton art event is pausing for now with the very successful marble race test this past Sunday. A new marble legend has been seeded: Ol’ Plugg’n Yellow, who was the most consistent finisher of the 10 or so marbles I tried out that day. Not too fast, not too slow. Just right; another “goldilochs” situation, like with Greenilochs in last fall’s Bigfoot marble race. LINK But perhaps a truer goldilochs this time, since the colors match up now. Yellow/gold.

Interesting: as I was looking up the word “plugger” online just now, my flash player plugin froze my computer up for a moment. 😮

What do I take away from the event so far? Well, there’s the very interesting separation of Chesterton North, where the focus of the marble race was on, and Chesterton South, which turned into an observer of the event, in effect. To me, this means that the latter has more potential for growth beyond the present situation. Lisa Simpson, aka Lisa the Vegetarian, may get her own office space in the town. There was a very late push to unite the two bergs a bit with a curved piece of wood procured from the press box of the old high school football field up at the Plateau of Raw Art — but it was only a token gesture, most likely. Maybe there isn’t any deeper connection to develop between North and South. It’s another wait and see situation.

Linking curved piece of wood “pointing” to Chesterton South’s central pressure cooker “building” in background, then:


“Hucka D., I was wondering if I could pose a couple of Chesterton related question to you?”

Hucka D.:

Okay. I’ll give it a try.


Carrcassonnee has stated that I need to take my focus away from Chesterton for a while.

Hucka D.:

That is true[ enough]. Chesterton has its own spirit. You know him — the cheetah?


Sure. Should I talk to him? He’s never given much information out about the town.

Hucka D.:

Groovy. I’ll get him.

Chester (appearing from behind a white curtain):

Groovy. Cool-i-o, daddy. State your questions man.


Chester, what is in the future for Chesterton? Is this really the true manifestation of Edwardboro and Project POPE? Like the original Bigfoot Proper event was Pope Project, a preparatory event, like John The Baptist paved the way for Jesus of Nazareth.


Died for your sins. Neat-o.


Is this what Lisa the Vegetarian wants to negotiate — with you maybe?

Chester (indicating):

Over there Lisa? Lisa the Cool and Groovy and Chilled?




Bigfoot Video

The legend of Ol’ Plugg’n Yellow is born (video by wife; thanks!):

Creativity Review



The Sunklands site plugs along! I am very fortunate to have such a creative center. I plan to retain it into the foreseeable future. No problems here.


This will always go hand in hand with the Sunklands web site now. I’ve been blogg’n for 8 1/2 years. I love it. One of the problems for someone looking in is the multitude of subject matter. There’s woodsy reality, there’s viritual living, there’s fiction… lots of stuff. But add it all together and you get artsy me.


Bread and butter stuff, again. I’ll keep collaging till the day I die most likely. The idea of series will keep evolving. I’ll most likely always accompany collage creation with attempts at interpretation. The last coupling of collage and analysis is through the Boos series from last fall, which I consider perhaps my most unified and fulfilling effort in this direction to date. A new series has yet to form beyond it, but I’ve been busy with other art.

The base series of my modern or mature collages remains the 20 part Greenup set from 2004. Seems like a really long time ago now. Before that I more sporatically worked with the old time method (to me) of cutting images out of magazines and pasting them together. But I probably won’t work in that way again. Digital collage is more my style. I’m not worried about the selling aspect, and create them only for the purpose of pushing the boundaries of the genre itself in a certain direction. They are “educational” in my eyes, although I’m not against selling *specific* examples in the future (just not whole series, perhaps).


The progression of synchs started in 1997 with the first steps toward the idea of a Rainbow Complex beyond just the “mere” Dark Side of the Rainbow, a gateway synch for certain. To me, it was the birth of rainbowology, which I haven’t really written about all that much yet. Oh, there’s been some pretend interviews with the likes of Booker T. and Pierre Schaeffer (actually alts), but I’ve chosen to keep certain key elements hidden until I figure out what to do with the concept as a whole.

But that’s just the start. Synchs continue to this day, though creation has slowed recently to about once a year. I may even be at a longer pause currently. I’ll have to talk to Hucka D. about this soon.

baker b. separated from alt Pierre Schaeffer in 2004 with the creation of the former’s Greenup series. At roughly the same time came the latter’s Billfork, Head Trip, and 4orrin1. 4orrin1 especially blew the lid off what I formerly thought an audiovisual synch could be. It remains blown.


Latest in this category is the blandly named (on purpose) “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” fiction — it’s actually what you could call a graphic novel set in Second Life (and its “moon” and also the *moon* of *that* moon). A next project could involve interpreting this fairly large work, like I do with my collage series. It falls in line with other fiction I’ve developed in spots down through time, the first successful one being perhaps “The High Octave Story” from way back in 1986 or so (rewritten in the early 90s, if I recall). Then along the same lines we have “Jordan’s Rule” from c2001, and then also the larger “Paradox II: The Chancelling” that came along late 2005/early 2006. I need to finish that off… technically it could probably be called a hybrid work as well.

Looking at other hybrids on this page, “Map Synching Feeling” is an interesting experiment with map oddities; “6 Weeks of Shining” combines collage work, map research, and elements of audiovisual synching, tied together through Stanley Kubrick’s film “The Shining”; “Baker Bloch in England” represents a fusion of collage, fiction and virtual reality a bit in the style of “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” (except set in “reality”/ i.e., England); 2009’s “Where are We on That?” is a good introduction to my original set of virtual characters, most of whom are still around (Baker Bloch, Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, etc.). Hybrids will keep being produced.


I continue to hold onto Collagesity, and certainly work on keeping it up paid off more recently with its use in “Collagesity Winter 2015-2016” mentioned before. But has it fulfilled its usefulness? One thing it’s certainly not is a proper archives for the collages (and synchs). The Sunklands site, established last summer, instead has become this… but I would like to keep a virtual town going along with the site, if possible. Second Life’s Collagesity remains a comparatively inexpensive satisfaction, I suppose, in this direction, but my guess is that in the future a virtual town will not cost as much, relatively speaking, and can be rolled into web site payments.


Another recent success story with the unfolding of the many Bigfoot dimensions. Polarity between Bigfoot Proper and Chesterton is involved, the two identified artsy centerpieces of the complex. Each has now been the site of a fulfilled marble race and connected toy/junk happening. Whitehead Crossing represents the other important woodsy center still, and lies on protected ground (Frank Park) in contrast to Bigfoot, which could go away with the snap of a finger. But toy/junk happenings may not ever really come to Whitehead Crossing, unlike what I thought before — up until maybe even this past winter. Bigfoot has taken over in this direction. Bigfoot may be temporary, but my attachment to Blue Mountain in general also is temporary now, as we plan to move to Middletown in 6-8 years. We have land there, we can set up a modular home with little maintenance for our old age, and Middletown is such a neat city with many creative plugins. I can’t imagine leaving Blue Mtn. for anywhere else in the U.S. of A., although *England* remains a possible final destination. But that’s a long story.

Back to toy/junk happenings. These will certainly continue beyond Blue Mtn. and into our Middletown existence. I’m just refining the process now; winging it as they say. And Bigfoot itself may continue into the future. I have the option to camp there even when living in Middletown, since we’ll be retired. And Whitehead Crossing, too, probably has long term value, if in a more abstract way and connected to local Frank and Herman Parks as a whole. But I don’t think I want to camp in Frank and Herman Parks. Too many aliens.

Bigfoot/Chesterton Late Late July

Although the Chesterton art event has reached its climax, Bigfoot visits continue, and will likely do so until the leaves fall off sometime around mid October. After that my hiking focus will shift to a broader woods palette, as they open up with the functional eradication of poison ivy, snakes, insects, and other warm weather deterrents.

I visited both Bigfoot and Whitehead Crossing today, new and old foci. I was amazed how *quiet* Whitehead Crossing seems now after I’ve gotten use to the city noise surrounding Bigfoot. I like the latter better now, amazingly. Whitehead Xing is just not going to be a place for, especially, a summer art happening like I just accomplished at Bigfoot. Perhaps spring, perhaps fall, but not summer. And even if that, the event will take place within a narrower range. For one, I have no real junk to work with at The Crossing except for some old bottles. However I’m not opposed to making a more pure toy happening, say, at Big Island in Green Stream, something perhaps akin to the Sharieland toy event of 2013. LINK

But to today’s photos. Actually I decided to slip in the first photo below coming from about a week or two back now to start this post with another odditiy. When I went to Chesterton that day — and it was the day I brought in the Avon buildings sans chords for the first time — I found this melding of yellow and green leaves, effectively stuck together like with glue. Green on top, yellow on the bottom. This seemed to be reference to the concept of Greenup/yellow down that I’ve written about at various places on this blog, and most recently in this Second Life related post.


Compare the above photo with the one inserted at the end of that late June post:


Actually, I think I’ll come back to that whole scene, which involves a weird melding of First or Real Life and Second Life influences. It could be that *real* (green) trumps *virtual* or non-real (yellow) through the Chesterton art event as a whole. The true happening kicked into gear right after I created that June post. Second Life related posts have basically been set aside since then.

Another, more recent possible oddity is pictured below. A number of mysterious holes, with pine needles seemingly twirled around in a circle, have formed in Chesterton since my last visit several days back now. The photo below shows what seems to be the largest example of such, occurring almost directly below Wireway 61 between Chesterton North and South. Was some kind of creature *digging* into the needles? Maybe it’s my friend Mr. Weasel from the swamp, who may very well live somewhere in The Bramble just beyond and below Chesterton. Or maybe it is a raccoon. I don’t think deer can get through the tight branches of the pine forest here, so that seems to eliminate the possibility of hoof prints.


Many aspects of Chesterton, let alone Bigfoot as a whole, have yet to be illuminated for this blog, including this cluster of briar plants on Chesterton’s east side. I imagined Chesterton residents making them part of a park or walking trail…



… that would also include Second Hoop mentioned in this earlier post, which is now seemingly the *only* complete hoop within Chesterton, since First Hoop was broken near the start of its art happening. Second Hoop perhaps then became known simply as The Hoop, at least to biased Chesterton South avatars.

Second Hoop (foreground) with The Briars (background).

Also on Chesterton’s east side is found this rusty chair skeleton with Wireway 49 passing through it. A detached briar stem now crosses the wireway here as well.


Many toy avatars remain in both Chesterton North and South after the event’s climax and the removal of the train track. I had planned to put some inside Chesterton’s old pressure cooker today, or perhaps take them back to the house with me, but they seemed pretty happy overall where they were. Not sure how long this situation will last.


Monkeys on church and hill.

North of Chesterton North.

Chesterton Spectacle

“The Chesterton residents don’t know exactly what the wireways were, Carrcassonnee. They understand it was some kind of transporation device, and probably for those nuts and washes still found on it north of Chesterton North.”


North North.


Yeah. But all that *predates* the coming of the train track and the toy avatars. *Metallic* beings lived here before.


The train track is metal. Perhaps the train[ track] knows.


It does did parallel Wireway 61 in several places, especially in a section between Chesterton North and South where the brown pipe is.



Thank you. Let me put on my reading spectacle.


Amazing Carrcassonnee. Didn’t know you had one of those.


When have you seen me read anything?


Never, I suppose.

Carr. (studying):

Ah, yes. And that’s where the hole formed as well?




Well there you are.


Hmm. I wonder how long I should leave up the toys?


I think[ the washers and nuts] were robots. They might have created something similar in Whitehead Crossroads.

bb. (correcting):

Crossing. How?


2989 comes to mind. Spider knows.


Bigfoot/Chesterton Early Early August

Plateau of Raw Art shots, once more…








… before moving to Chesterton. This day (yesterday as I’m writing this, or Sunday), I pretty firmly mapped out the segments of Second Road starting at The Bramble and moving south. Indicated by successive pine trees running down the forest road’s east side, there are indeed 14 of ’em, as I estimated earlier. Chesterton occupies the first 5, counting north to south like this. Here’s a rudimentary graphic of the results. What I call “blocked” segments that are clogged with fallen trees and branches are marked with a diagonal. I may have been missing one or two of these types in the non-Chesterton areas. Just as The Bramble effectively deters any visitors coming in from the north, so these blocked regions act as barriers for those attempting to move along the road starting from the south. Chesterton is very protected.


So with this mapping in place, we can understand the below shot comes from segment 1 of 14, or the top Chesterton segment. I’m tempting to even call these segments *sims*, but let’s hold off on that for a bit longer…


This is also from Segment 1: the wilted purple leaves appears like two beached fishes turned opposite ways, like the symbol for the astrological sign Pisces. They are found in the midst of that little “forest” taking up a fair chuck of Segment One.


Segment Two gives us what I’m calling Chesterton North. I really like the way the two monkeys both face the golden church bell between them — more inversed twinning, in fact.


That mysterious hole mentioned before LINK, appearing directly under Wireway 61 as it passed through Segment 3. This segment acts as a more empty connector between Chesterton North and Chesterton South. I’ll have to create a more detailed map soon.


This is a picture of an object from Segment 6, which *may* be the site of a camping spot in the future. My camping spot. Located immediately south of the “Chesterton Five”, it’s one of the most open segments, if not the most open, and I certainly have room to pitch some kind of tent there. But I’m going to keep poking around Bigfoot for possible alternatives in this direction.


Segment 9 and a landmark brick piece.


The south end of Second Road, or the beginning (south) of Segment 14. 2 rocks, one mossy and one bare, mark the position.


Bigfoot Turbulence!

Some *final* shots of the supposed “permanent” version of Chesterton before I had to move my toys out. I’ve been invaded!


But before I get to all that, some pics from the Blue Mountain Urban Landscape I’ve been more attracted to lately. And good thing!





This might be the heart of Leola. LINK


Back to Bigfoot: Yes, that’s the construction barrels I call The Tigers on Third Road of Bigfoot. But the long piece of bleacher beside them coming from the Plateau of Raw Art is *not* my projected newest aspect of Chesterton. Instead someone else has drug it down here, and also made a kind of rough path all along The Bramble, cutting straight through the edge of Chesterton and down through all four roads. The demons! I suspect either skateboarders taking a break from their regular hobby, or else other kids who visit The Plateau on occasion for perhaps drinking or smoking or even sex purposes.


As I’m writing this text, I found out about this invasion from the outside around 3 weeks ago now. Upon visiting a couple days back, I was very happy to witness no further development coming from this — no more harsh intrusions into the general Bigfoot area. The swamp remains a destination for me. But I had to take the toys up at Chesterton for safe keeping. I’m amazed whoever masterminded this invasion didn’t disturb any of ’em, apparently. Or perhaps they didn’t see them in cutting through the eastern edge of Chesterton? I can’t imagine how, but perhaps it’s possible. Maybe the appearance of toys at this remote spot was too much for their tiny little intruding brains to handle. Or maybe they thought it was aliens who placed them there and got the heck outta Dodge. This could be a possibility if drugs were involved, but probably not as well. At any rate, I didn’t plan to do anything with this space for the rest of the summer and fall, so perhaps by next year all will be grown up again and sealed, like it was before. But in truth I’ll never feel totally safe at Chesterton like I did. And that’s an honest shame.

Swamp chairs and table remain intact!