“Peter SoSo” didn’t really need Baker Blinker to show him around Collagesity. He knew instinctively where the end would come. He went to see the appropriate collage in the Red Umbrella gallery. “I have only a very limited time,” he says to himself. “The hold here is not that strong.”

Baker Blinker caught up with him. “*There* you are, running off without me again.”


“I was just looking at The End. Like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. The end of one, I mean. You are a very pretty girl. A pretty star of a girl. What planet are you from?” He still stared forward, away from her.

She took the complement in stride. “I’m from right here… in Collagesity. No need to look further.” Their voices were echoing off the walls a bit.

“Oh you must look further,” he responded. “Would you like to go away with me? I wish you could for a spell.”

Baker Blinker was curious. “What do I call you?”

Dave thought for a second. “You can call me… Bogota. Yes, Bogota will be fine.”


He turned toward her.

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