little heaven, little hell

“What do you call a flock of crows? A kill of crows?”

“Dunno,” answers Young Ruby, barely legal for this town even with a chaperone. “Thank you for joining me in… could it be my new apartment?”

“Not on my watch,” answers the huskier toned Indigo sitting beside her. She crosses her feet.

‘Murder,” Ruby then uttered. “A murder of crows.”

“Of course.” Indigo looked again at the *murder* atop a neighboring building outside the window.

“Or Murderkill,” Ruby then offered. “Both in one.” Each thought of the art work to their side, depicting two towns trying to kill or murder each other.

“I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what happens… see what magic Rhode can still produce.”

“Right you are,” states Young Ruby to her older companion.

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