“You should really look at the scenery while you’re here, Baker Bloch.”

“Busy eating grapes right now, thanks.” He spits another skin into the sand while digesting the innards of one, another being positioned to pop in. After a good number of tries (MUNCH) he’s actually starting to like the fruit, but the outside can still go to hell as far as he’s concerned. Phoey on it. SPIT Phoey!

“I’ll surf in a minute and that’ll catch your attention.” She would wink at him if he weren’t facing the other direction.

Understanding Wheeler and her ways, he briefly pauses in his activity to point to a sign on the beach’s edge.

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” she said, using the eyes in the back of her head to observe. “But wouldn’t it be fun if you actually *cared*.”

“TILE balloons over there,” he deflected. SPIT

“Whatever.” She was really beginning to see why Hucka Doobie was so frustrated with him (MUNCH), even causing her to turn back into a bee-person lately, it seemed. Probably a bathroom break coming up… now.

SPIT “Gotta wee,” he said while rising. She must be reading the script again.

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