Final Liquor Shots, 02

We shift to the country for our final round of Liquor shots, beginning with the All Saints Church at Alton Priors, near the famous Alton Barnes white horse and also The Barge, the traditional hub of all crop circle gossip. In the picture I was trying to emulate the angle of that used in the Lis 08 collage. Compare with here.


Sarsen stones in a field just east of the church. There are two trap doors within the church itself, one containing a sarsen stone with a prominent “eye”, and the other only cement. I provide pictures of these here.


Closeup of one of the field sarsen stones.


The only shot I took of the very peculiar brass plaque within the church, basis for yet another Lis collage: Lis 09, the final in the series. Much better photos of the shrine (i.e, not taken through a window) are found here.


Adam’s Grave taken near a path crossing near All Saints. I like this shot quite a bit.


Pool table within The Barge. The crop circle depicted had already been brought up in this blog before my trip to England in a post called “The Hole, Other Considerations” from June 14th. Like the very recent 6/21/13 crop circle I was able to first view from the very same Adam’s Grave seen in the photo above, this particular crop circle, described in Michael Glickman’s blog as a “lid”, is one of those more uncommon two parters, and also occurred in the very same field as the 6/21/13 creation. During one of my many visits to The Barge, I watched as a pub regular named Mad Pete reinforced the outline of this crop circle design with a felt pen. Mad Pete has a whole wall devoted to his eclectic photography just the other side of the bar. Home page of The Barge is here.


In 1997, an artist named Vince Palmer created the amazing ceiling mural in the side room containing the pool table, which he apparently also touches up now and then according to The Barge Inn main page. Below is pictured a small section of the work, showing a UFO (?) hovering above the Avebury rock circle.


The very same crop circle design seen on the pool table is also used in an article about the subject, pinned to the wall of the pool room. I’ll have to look up more information about the “Fields of Gold” article soon, and I want to bring up that Milk Hill lid formation again in that and probably other contexts. Is it the symbolic lid to The Hole?



Compare the “lid” crop circle with the Croppie beer logo, a local brew created by Honeystreet Ales.


And now what might be the final Liquor shot posted to any of my blogs… sigh! This is another article on the wall of The Barge’s pool room or ceiling mural room if you will, a quite disparaging one concerning rock star Reg Presley, lead singer of The Troggs, who was a frequent visitor to The Barge and who championed an alien source for crop circles. Presley died in February of this year from lung cancer at the age of 71. A better article should be pinned to the wall to honor him.*



* How about this one:

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