VWX Town Renewed

Very early snapshot. For this version, I have *10752* square meters of land to play around with, thanks to adding a 2048 rental to my 8704 tier. Excitement! More land than I’ve ever had at my disposal before, and that was the plan: figured I’d fairly quickly get bored with “just” an 8704 or less. We’ll see, but the land wasn’t that much, and the way I’m reading it, my oppportunity to do these kind of things is quickly closing. More soon!


7/9/13 update:

Thought I’d include the original paths for the VWX Town and the quick formation of the 3 letters making up the related acronym, which formed in correct order left to right: V…






My collages will be displayed in the Power Tower Gowlery once more (Gilatona-Lis series), which was finalized in the spring of this year. Also making a return will be the entire “Art 10×10”, mostly housed in the ToXic Art Gallery (last seen in Carrcassonne from last spring, I believe), and also House Greenup. No guest artists have been scheduled for a gallery so far, but a possibility is this person I recently found in a google image search for Shaw + “crop circles”:



Hucka D.:

What are the psychological implications for the V, the W, the X? The V comes first. The Toxic [Art] Gallery was situated inside the V, then atop the peak of the W. Then the X, which stands for Crossroads or X-roads, completes. Where does each lead?


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