VWX Town Thoughts 04

First some shots from my initial visits to what I’m now calling VHC Town, and in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel itself…




But back to the subject of VWX Town…

Biker Jones and Ranger Johns have been “moved” to the heart o’ village, at the north corner of the Big Boy tower instead of the south corner where they use to hang with Bean Mister and the Trojan Warrior.


A relieved Hucka D. has now returned, seeing that, yes, he wrote Westend throughout the minutes and not the incorrect Westside. Oh wait, Hucka D. has just no realized that it *is* Westside and not Westend. Oh dear — he got confused again. Well, that happens to me sometimes as well, and after all the town is basically brand new. Takes time to get use to new things, doesn’t it Hucka?

Hucka D.:

Oh I’m so pissed off… okay, I’m okay.


Just exhale Hucka D. Can you talk about what happened around the Trojan Warrior after the meeting?

Hucka D.:

Okay (takes deep breath). I’ll correct all that mess later. No telling what else I got wrong. Uh oh, there’s a knock on the door, baker b.


Knok? The musician?

Hucka D.:

No just *a* knock. A knocking. Don’t you hear it?


No. (listens) Oh there — very faint. Should we let them in? Do you think that’s a knock, Hucka D., or is it just something hitting the window over there, perhaps a large insect?

Hucka D.:

What window?


Never mind, he let himself in. There he is.

(Cardboard Derek Jones fills the room).


I *demand* to see the minutes, Hucka The Bee. I’m making an official protest, several of them in fact. Perhaps many of them. You were *there*. You’re on my side I’m assuming. Who’s this gomer (pointing to me)?

Hucka D.:

This is another representative of the outside, another “user” in your terms. He’s a creator. He in fact claims to have created VWX Town.

CDJ (still to Hucka D.):

Well, I don’t *claim* to care too much about VWX Town, only Westside. You slipped a couple of times at the meeting and called it Westend. You sure you’re not a Central goon? You don’t look like you’re from VWX Town atall. Oh, I remember now you’re from the outside. I suppose you might not even *have* a side to take yet. So it’s good I showed up. To persuade you to take my viewpoint and defend me in these battles. So… Floydada. It states plain and clear in that… book… that Greenup is the best of all the collage series of the town, if you know how to read it. It’s what all the others are based upon. Now you wouldn’t jerk the foundation out from under a house you just built would you outsider (talking to me again)? Everything else would just fall down!

Hucka D.:

We appreciate your concern. Really! But we’re in the middle of posting pictures to a blog. Want to join us? We’re discussing changes to the town that were made prior to and after the meeting, after all. We’re on the “after” part now. Here… take a look (Hucka D. shows him the picture of Ranger Johns and Biker Jones at the west corner of Big Boy; Cardboard Derek Jones spits on the ground beside him, not really spitting but just making the derogatory gesture, to the others’ relief).


Core of Four, Core of Four. When did all *that* start?

Hucka D. (quickly):

Let me show you another picture to take your mind off that particular one, then. baker b., would you do the honors?





Are you kidd’n me?? That’s suppose to make me feel *better*. (Cardboard Derek Jones pretend spits again in the opposite direction from before and stomps out of the room, slamming the door *hard*. Even I, baker b., heard it correctly this time).


What’s wrong with him *now*?

Hucka D.:

Guess those weren’t the best pictures to show. You see, Westend lost the bid to host the official town hall, and this just after losing House Greenup. The Core of Four, who are the real powers of town you see — probably why most of them hang at the Power Tower most of the time — anyway, they decided to put a modern art gallery in the location of House Greenup instead of the town hall. Instead the hall was placed to the north of the Power Tower, a rather ill fitting location, and with the Trojan Warrior having to be turned in a different direction for it all to work. That’s when Ranger Johns and Biker Jones moved their main location to the tower’s west corner.


Cardboard Derek Jones was against all of this, then.

Hucka D.:



And I guess — just continuing in this — that the Core of Four wanted the second and smaller bridge to be built into the Power Tower from the Burl Tower.

Hucka D.:




I went over to the new but empty gallery in Westside and it doesn’t look bad.


Hucka D.:

Don’t say that to Cardboard!

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