Brand New Crop Circle — next to and mirroring “Patty”!

Check out the latest crop circle, which seems to be one of the better ones so far this late, late starting season. It mirrors the shape of one of those “3 sisters” beech groves I wrote about in my blog earlier this year, specifically Patty (!).


Compare with here:

I’m sure that crop circles have never been beside any of these 3 groves before, armed with knowledge of the archives of this site which contains all known locations of crop circles past and present now.

Red Collie seems to like this one, and I have a feeling he’s going to add some text to his 7/15/13 published picture asap:

He states it is a reincarnation of a crop circle quickly mowed through by a farmer just over a week before, which also seems unusual.

This beech circle is one of the two twins (or sisters) of “Marge” where a cyclist apparently died, an accident we found out about while visiting it in person during our England trip last month. Another perhaps strange thing: couldn’t find out any details about this accident afterwards despite trying quite a number of google search combinations. Maybe it’s time to try again, and harder.

More as it comes in!

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