Rubi Diagonal (Extended) 01

The Rubi Diagonal, first described in this *2008* series of posts (almost 5 years ago!), has been extend to meet the 125 Pillar of Westside, making that sector of VWX Town special indeed, just as uber-supporter Cardboard Derek Jones claimed all along. Extending the diagonal both northeast and southwest to encompass the limits of the Heterocera continent shows it crossing 14 total sims, including 2 water sims in the middle (Biston and Hirtaria, sims 7 and 8 up from the southeast corner respectively). It also crosses the heart of the fabulous Lanestris sim with the Virtual Chelsea Hotel before reaching Philudoria and the 125 Pillar of Westside. This strongly hints that the Virtual Chelsea Hotel and VWX Town (*Virtual* Whitehead X-ing Town, after all) have ties in unexpected and unknown ways still. The Diagonal also passes through the southern tip of the Great Linden Wall, itself extending through 14 sims in a generally northwest-southeast direction. A little bit more about synchronicities surrounding the Great Linden Wall are found in this earlier Frank and Herman Einstein blog post.


Rubi (Rubi Forest)
Horisme (Great Wall)
Biston (water)
Hirtaria (water)
Lanestris (Virtual Chelsea Hotel)
Philudoria (VWX Town (Westside!))

The Extended Rubi Diagonal.

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