(20 minutes later)


“Wrestler?” Space Ghost scratched his head and sank back into the couch. Green Acres was playing on TV. Baker Bloch had buckled up and paid for cable with the new move in. But he knows he’ll still enjoys the static channel every now and then.

“Yeah, they’re thinking about calling themselves The Mulholland Drives. You remember David Lynch.”

“Sure, I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat.” Space Ghost was almost off the couch when Baker Bloch waved him back down beside him.

“No, *Lynch*. Not… anyway I talked about him all the time when I was a kid. Straight Story, Mulholland Drive, Inland Empire. And, oh, of course Twin Peaks. They’re remaking that up in the real world, dad.”

“The one with the dwarf?”

“Yeah, there’s a dwarf in it. Good. So you’re ready to eat?”

“Not yet. Let’s wait ’till four. Where’s your clock? Where’s Annie?”

“Annie the Clock?” Baker responds. “We threw her away in ’92 dad.”

“The one with the mirror. Blood.”

“Yeah I remember. We don’t like to talk about that, dad. Remember?”

“Hmmm.” Space Ghost shook his head. “So your girlfriend is a wrestler, eh? Not knocked up?”

“No dad. It really isn’t possible here.”


“Oh you don’t know much about *here* son. I was up in Farmington for a while, you know, up at the old continent.”

“You mean Sansara? We’re on one of the older continents now, father. Heterocera.”

“I just know it as the Old Continent. Anyway, there were pregnant women walking the streets all over the place. Babies popping out of them. So just be careful, son. Don’t get your girlfriend pregnant. You dodged a bullet this time.”

Baker exhales. “Anyway, I want to talk about something else with you now. Uncle Phil.”

“Uncle Phil?” Space Ghost looks blank. “Oh,” he said with a realization. “You mean Phil Heartthrob. He wasn’t your uncle. We just called him that around you kids. He was, er…”

“Yes?” Baker stared at his father.

“Let’s just say he was a friend of the family.” Space Ghost leaned away from Baker Bloch a bit, eyes squinched up meaningfully.”

“You said he was your twin. But he had facial surgery. Because of the accident. With the rodent.”

“Yeah, there was that.”

“*Was* he your twin?”

Space Ghost clasped his hands together and stared straight ahead. “Is it four yet?”

“Not quite yet father,” Baker Bloch responded, waiting.


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